Why Readers Have Sex: It's Better Than A Workout

After reading Jessica Bennett's article on why women have sex, it's clear that for everyone, men and women, our motivations go way beyond the need for love or the biological drive to reproduce. So we asked our readers to share some of their stories about sexual motivation.

Over the weekend, we'll publish some of our favorites. Submit your stories to newsweek@tumblr.com or via our Tumblr page.

Submission #2: I Often Feel Empty.

I, personally, have sex for the emotional connection (love) and the release. I have had sex for a myriad of other reasons like placating my partner, just for the pleasure, confirmation that I am attractive, to get over an ex, as a crutch when in emotional pain, instead of a workout at the gym, and procreation. When having sex for reasons other than love/emotional bonding, I often feel empty, realize that I was really searching for a connection, and regret the entire thing. I look forward to reading more!

Why Readers Have Sex: It's Better Than A Workout | Analysis