Why Steve Wozniak Wants Two iPads

Steve Wozniak stopped working at Apple in the late 1980s, but he's never stopped being a fan. Daniel Lyons caught up with Woz as he was driving through a snowstorm in Green River, Wyo., on his way to judge a high-school robotics competition.

What do you think of the iPad?
I'm out here on the road with four cell phones and two GPS devices, trying to look at maps, and I wish I had an iPad with me now.

Do you think it will be a big hit?
The iPad could lower the cost of acquiring computers for students. I think it's going to be huge in the education market. Think about students going off to college. They want an Apple product, but their parents don't want to spend that much. Now they have the ideal thing. They can go to college and someone may have a whacked-out $6,000 laptop, but the guy with the iPad will get all the attention.

Who else is the target audience for this?
My wife's parents—they're not ready for the complicated computer world. They have these old computers. But the iPad simplifies things. It's like a restart. We all say we want things to be simpler. All of a sudden we have this simple thing.

What about you?
At first I thought, this is not for me. I have the iPhone for mobility and a computer for my computer life. With the iPhone there are certain things it just doesn't do well, mostly in browsing. It's horrible to navigate a map on an iPhone because of the screen size.

So have you ordered one?
I've ordered one for a friend. Then I ordered two for myself. One with the Wi-Fi and one with the 3G. And I'll go to the store on Friday night and wait in line, just for fun.

What phones do you have with you now?
I have two iPhones, a [Google] Nexus One, a [Motorola] Droid, plus a Garmin [GPS] and TomTom [GPS]. I turn them all on at the same time, plus the navigation system in my Prius.

What's your favorite phone?
The iPhone, because of the apps. By the way, I solved the problem of battery life and [the lack of] multitasking on the iPhone.

Yeah. I just have two iPhones, so if the battery runs down on the first one, I can use the other. And if I'm talking on one, I can use the other one to look something up. You would not believe how much use I get out of that.