Why Tyler, the Creator Apologized to Selena Gomez in his New Song

NOTE: This article contains several uses of strong and explicit language

Tyler, The Creator has claimed on his new song that he has tried to make amends with Selena Gomez.

The lyrics where he addresses the long-standing tension is in "Manifesto" featuring Domo Genesis, and taken from his new album Call Me If You Get Lost.

It's a brief line but recalls several incidents involving Tyler and Gomez, and also reveals how Justin Bieber is also involved.

What does Tyler, The Creator say about Selena Gomez in his song?

Tyler, whose real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, recalls historical tweets he sent to Gomez between 2010 and 2011 when the pair were still teenagers.

Tyler seemingly owns up to his mistakes in the third verse of "Manifesto." He raps:

"I was a teener, tweetin' Selena crazy shit Didn't wanna offend her, apologize when I seen her Back when I was tryna fuck Bieber, Just-in."

He references Bieber because he was dating Gomez on and off from 2010 to 2018.

In the song, Tyler claims that he has apologized to Gomez in person but it's not clear when the two actually met. Gomez has not ever publicly mentioned whether or not she received an apology.

What did Tyler, The Creator say about Selena Gomez on Twitter?

Many of Tyler's old tweets have seemingly been deleted but a Gomez fan account has allegedly unearthed many of the more shocking statements.

Some of them just mentioned Gomez's name while others were sent directly and seemingly unprovoked towards her Twitter handle. Almost all of the resurfaced tweets feature sexually aggressive suggestions to Gomez as well as Dakota Fanning, Victoria Justice and Miley Cyrus.

Not all of them have been deleted, including one where Tyler replied to a fan account.

@SelenaTheWinner I Just Want To Fuck Selena Gomez In Her Fucking Mouth

— Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) January 13, 2011

Another in January 2011 shares Tyler's dismay at finding out that Gomez and Bieber were dating.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Is Fucking Dating. Fuck.

— Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) January 13, 2011

In 2013, Tyler appeared on Power 106 Los Angeles and discussed how he and Gomez openly don't like each other. He said: "[I'll be] kicking it with Justin [Bieber], she always be mean muggin' me. Why are you hating on me? We're just hanging out, trying to play Xbox."

Other celebrities Tyler, The Creator has clashed with

Tyler has never been shy when it comes to sharing his opinions on other celebrities and musicians. One of his earliest hits "Yonkers" openly threatens and criticizes Hayley Williams, B.o.B and Bruno Mars.

He's also been in trouble with politicians which led to him being banned from traveling to the United Kingdom for a number of years.

His manager said they received a letter from the then-Home Secretary Theresa May citing lyrics from his mixtape Bastard as the reason for the ban. Tyler informed his fans that he was banned from the UK, which is why he had to cancel several UK shows.

Selena Gomez has yet to respond to, or address, Tyler's apology.

Selena Gomez and Tyler, The Creator
Selena Gomez (left) pictured in May 2021, and Tyler, The Creator (right) at the BET Awards in June 2021. The pair endured a rocky public relationship. Tyler has since apologised to Selena in one of his songs. Johnny Nunez and Emma McIntyre/Getty Images