Why Was 'Bachelor' Contestant Kirpa Sudick Wearing a Band-Aid on Her Chin?

Week 5 of The Bachelor was filled with drama and romantic 1-on-1 dates; however, one question left unanswered was Kirpa's unexplained Band-Aid.

Audiences were left completely baffled by the injury that Twitter blew up with #kirpasbandaid.

"Prediction: Kirpa had a big ass pimple that wasn't ready to pop but she just couldn't help it and made it angry and no amount of make-up would do. HENCE #KirpasBandAid #TheBachelor," one viewer tweeted.

"Still no update on #KirpasBandAid," another added. "But can we just take a moment to admire that she somehow looks gorgeous even with the chin accessory."

While the episode didn't directly address the mystery injury, Kirpa took to Instagram Tuesday to put viewers' minds to rest.

"Thailand f**ked me up, but not in a good way," Kirpa says in the clip. "I was trying to be basic and take a picture in front of the ocean at the start of a sunset, but it had rained and I forgot about that, so rocks and water — slippery."

Arguably the best explanation of an injury, and believed to be the next question is: "Was the picture worth it?"

Other than selfie-inflicted injuries, the episode also included surprise goodbyes and plenty of drama.

Spoilers for The Bachelor, week 5 ahead:

Colton and audiences were surprised by various elements in Monday night's episode. Red-haired Elyse decided to call it quits early and left the show quite unexpectantly, while drama between Nicole and Oneyka seemed to come out of the blue as well.

While there were plenty of tears and cat-fights, romantic 1-on1 dates definitely took the cake.

Heather, otherwise known as "Never Been Kissed," looks to need a new title after receiving a sweet first-time smooch from Colton as fireworks shot off in the Thailand night sky.

"I've always wanted my first kiss to have sparks and fireworks," Heather said to the camera. "And now I can say there were literal fireworks!"

The next 1-on-1 went to the rumored winner, Cassie. While it isn't clear if she is the wife-to-be, the other women seemed to notice the undeniable connection.

The two went on a romantic date to a remote island where viewers saw their fair share of ocean makeout sessions. As the date moved to the dinner portion of the night, Cassie revealed she also received judgment of her virginity or lack thereof.

To no one's surprise, Cassie got the date rose and Colton revealed he was "crazy" for her.

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