Why Was Michael Kors Trending on Twitter? One User's Post Sparks Debate Over Whether Michael Kors is 'Cheap'

One Twitter user's seemingly innocent post sparked debate on Friday about what the Michael Kors brand—and in particular the MICHAEL Michael Kors line—says about the people who purchase these products.

The post included two photos of the brand's Pride-inspired collection of handbags, and it incited a discussion about whether owning a MICHAEL Michael Kors item was something to brag about.

Because Michael Kors is tacky https://t.co/gFOajLCoHP

— fall-isa🍂🌬 (@marisayasminn) June 21, 2019

The user advised followers to "treat your girl," but others on Twitter called the MICHAEL Michael Kors brand "tacky" and "cheap."

Seemingly just as many netizens refuted those claims, citing price tags in excess of $300 for handbags and accusing the people who call the bags "cheap" of being frauds and "fake bougie."

When did you fake bougie hoes get Too Rich for Michael Kors???

— ᗰOOK 🦋 (@LaTeriaaaaa) June 21, 2019

Some users seemed to agree that, while Michael Kors is a world-renowned designer, his MICHAEL Michael Kors collection—one of three of his namesake collections—made him a "middle class status symbol."

In 2016, Business Insider published an opinion piece that made a similar argument. The writer, Mallory Schlossberg, said that the brand had "lost its luster," after a period when women were willing to spend hundreds of dollars for the brand's handbags and watches.

This right here. Michael Kors has been around for decades. Then all of a sudden it became this middle class status symbol. The oversaturation definitely turned me off. https://t.co/BjrB9tNstN

— Shannon W (@UniqueBrownGirl) June 21, 2019

It was MICHAEL Michael Kors' overexposure and association with mainstream department stores like Macy's, among other things, that appeared to have marred the brand's reputation.

Schlossberg explained that these elements made the brand more ubiquitous and thus less luxurious and less coveted.

"Much of this is related to the brand image of Michael Kors. It is somewhat brasher than that of Coach, which is viewed as more of a heritage brand, and I think this has negatively impacted its efforts to become less ubiquitous and turn around its image," Neil Saunders, CEO of consulting firm Conlumino apparently wrote in an email to Business Insider.

Kors launched the Michael Kors Collection in 1981. The brand is known for its high-end, ready-to-wear clothing.

In 1997, Kors was named the first-ever women's ready-to-wear designer and creative director of Céline, where he helped to turn the French fashion house around with a critically acclaimed ready-to-wear line, before leaving in October 2003 to focus on his own brand, Business of Fashion reported.

In addition to the Michael Kors runway collection and menswear line, the MICHAEL Michael Kors line was launched in 2004.

Bella Hadid attends the Jump Into Spring: Michael Kors Spring 2019 Launch Party in New York City. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Michael Kors