Why Won't My Juul Hit? And 11 Other Questions Answered

Leaks? Bad battery? We Got You

Why won't my Juul hit? How do you clean your Juul? How do you fix a leaky Juul pod? How long does it take to charge the battery? We've done a round up of the most common problems and the simplest fixes for Juul users.

Juul's smokeless tobacco alternative has become popular for many reasons. It doesn't require a lighter, offers more bang for your buck and comes in a smaller package than traditional tobacco products. But they do have one added frustration: technical difficulties.

Below are a few common problems Juul users experience. "Why won't a Juul hit?" may be the most common, but there's plenty of other issues users face. Sometimes all it needs is a quick cleaning, or tapping a pod to get rid of air bubbles. Other issues can't be easily fixed, but there are ways to get a refund. Here's how to resolve some of the most common issues with your Juul:

Juul Electronic Cigarette Safe Nicotine
A man exhaling smoke from an electronic cigarette in Washington, DC on October 2, 2018. - In just three years, the electronic cigarette manufacturer Juul has swallowed the American market with its vaporettes in the shape of a USB key. Its success represents a public health dilemma for health authorities in the United States and elsewhere. EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty Images

Why won't my Juul hit?

According to the manufacturer, one of the most common reasons a Juul won't hit is that it needs to be charged. If your Juul won't hit try charging the device by putting it on the magnetic charger for an hour for a full charge before trying other troubleshooting fixes.

If your Juul is fully charged but still won't hit, then it's time to try a few other approaches. If the device isn't producing any vapor try to clean the contacts where the pod fits into the Juul. We have more info on cleaning your Juul below.

The company also advises that users try and eliminate any small air bubbles that might be in the pod. To do this, remove the Juul pod then tap it on a table with the mouthpiece pointing up to remove the bubbles. If that still doesn't work, users should try a different pod. If you believe your Juul won't hit because of a faulty pod, we have more info on getting a refund below.

Juul Electronic Cigarette Are the Pods Safe
Electronic cigarettes and pods by Juul, the nation's largest maker of vaping products, are offered for sale at the Smoke Depot on September 13, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered e-cigarette product makers to devise a plan to keep their devices away from minors, declaring use by teens has reached an "epidemic proportion". Scott Olson/Getty Images

Are Juuls safe?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise that e-cigarettes, like Juuls, are not safe for kids, teens, young adults, pregnant women and adults who don't already use tobacco products. "If you've never smoked or used other tobacco products or e-cigarettes, don't start," says the CDC website.

Juul Contains Nicotine
Nicotine is an addictive substance that can be found in all Juul pods, as well as most e-cigarettes. Juul/Newsweek

Is there nicotine in Juul pods?

Juuls, like most e-cigarettes have nicotine in them. Nicotine is addictive and studies show it can harm the young and still developing brain in adolescence. The Juul pods from Juul all have nicotine in them, " At this time all our JUULpods include nicotine," according to the Juul website. The concentration of the nicotine is about 5% nicotine by weight.

A study in the Journal of Pediatrics showed that four in 10 teens who said they were smoking non-nicotine products had chemical traces of it in their urine, indicating that they didn't know what they were smoking.

Can smoking e-cigarettes help people quit smoking cigarettes?

Due to the fact that e-cigarettes are so new, there is very little research in whether they can help people stop smoking tobacco. The devices are not approved by the FDA as an aid to quit smoking, said the CDC.

Why Won't Juul Pod Hit Safe Cleaning
Cleaning your Juul can go a long way if you want to keep it working properly. Juul/Newsweek

How to clean your Juul:

Cleaning a Juul doesn't involve much and it's pretty quick and painless, but a cleaning can go a long way for keeping it working properly and charging correctly. Users will need a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. The user should squeeze any extra liquid off of the q-tip before using it to clean off the metal contacts.

Why is my Juul leaking and how to fix it, or get a refund?

If a pod is leaking the first thing users should try is puffing on their Juul more gently as to not force any of the liquid out. Don't bite or squeeze the pods at all. The Juul website has a whole troubleshooting page specifically for helping users deal with leaky pods. How to fix it depends partially on when the leak occurred so users first need to select whether it happened in the package, in the device or during use.

  • If users are experiencing their Juul pod leaking while it's in the device, take a small puff then remove the pod and set the Juul and pod aside to dry. Users should also be sure to clean the contacts in the pod, as described above.
  • If it happens while the device is in use the company advises taking a gentle puff and then tapping it on a tissue before wiping it off and putting the pod back into the Juul.
  • If the pods are leaking in their package before even being added to the Juul the user should just wipe them off. If the leaking is significant, the user should contact Juul and file a replacement request. Users should keep the pod though.
Why Won't Juul Pod Hit Battery Life Lights Colors
The colored lights on your Juul indicate the amount of battery level. Juul/Newsweek

What do the colors on the Juul mean? How Do You Turn a Juul Off?

Turning a Juul on and off might be puzzling for first-time users because there are no buttons on the device. Users simply need to use it, or "draw" on it, to get it working. Otherwise, it defaults to an "off" position.

The colored lights on the device indicate battery level and pull strength while a user draws on the device. Tapping on the device shows either a green, yellow or red light indicating battery with green being high, yellow being medium and red being low.

What's "party mode" on my Juul?

Party mode is what Juul users have dubbed the flashing blinking array of colors that pop up on the Juul when a user shakes it. The information about party mode has all been dispersed by users, the company itself doesn't even acknowledge that party mode exists on its site. Some users have complained of their Juul getting stuck in party mode. Reddit Juulers say hitting their device against the palm of their hand, or flicking it like a coin, helps to turn off party mode.

Juul charging issues: How long does the battery last? How long does it take to charge? What to do if it won't charge?

According to Juul, each full charge of a Juul lasts about as long as one Juulpod lasts, roughly 200 puffs. The battery takes about an hour to fully charge on the magnetic charger that comes with the device and then it's ready to go. The battery lasts longer if it maintains a consistent charge. Leaving it empty for long periods of time can decrease the battery's power.

If the battery won't charge there are a few things users can do to troubleshoot the issue. First Juul recommends that users make sure their charger is properly plugged in, that the device is connected to the charger and that the contacts are clean. Those contacts are on the charging base and on the device as well. The company said users who are still having issues should contact the Juul care team.

Where is the serial number on my Juul?

In the event that a Juul owner has to return their device or file a report for it, they might need the serial number. They can find the eight-digit number and letter combination underneath the logo on the back of the device. The number zero, not the letter O, is used.

Can you bring a Juul on an airplane?

Juul recommends that flyers check with TSA and general airport rules before trying to fly with their device. The TSA says that electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are not allowed in checked bags but they can be kept in the aircraft cabin if they're in a bag or on the traveler. They can't be used on the flight though. "Exposure to extreme altitude changes, like flying on a plane, may cause slight leakage in JUULpods especially if they are partially used. We recommend not flying with partially used pods or disposing of them before getting on a plane and using a fresh one when you land," according to Juul.


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