Wiener Dog's Repeated Attempts at Climbing Up on Couch End in Disaster in Hilarious Video

A determined dachshund has earned an army of new fans after footage of his repeated attempts at climbing up onto his owner's couch went viral.

Pet lovers have been quick to rally around the cute canine, named Henry, who earned the nickname of the "Fearless Wiener" from his owners on account of his exploits around the house.

In a video posted to the TikTok account Hot Dog Henry, our brave four-legged hero can be seen trying, over and over again, to get up onto the couch. The footage can be watched here.

At first Henry attempts to scramble up onto the couch cushions but it proves a step too far for his tiny paws.

Undaunted, he discovers a nearby footrest and succeeds in scaling it before leaping onto a rectangular cushion positioned in close proximity to the couch. However, scaling the arm of the couch once again proves too big an ask for the super cute pooch.

Finally, Henry is able to climb up another nearby bean bag, traverse over a set of handily placed towels and onto the couch. Unfortunately, a couple of misplaced paws mean his celebrations are short-lived with the adventurous canine disappearing down a gap between the towels and the arm of the couch.

Eager to ensure his efforts weren't in vain, Henry's owners shared the footage with the world alongside the inspired caption "Mission Impawsible."

Posted with the familiar Mission Impossible theme tune playing in the background, the video has now been viewed nearly 7 million times, garnering thousands of comments in the process.

Pipreilly1 wrote: "Oh no. The end. So close bubba . So close. You got this little rockstar." Xecho4 was left in shock. "He was there! He was there!" they said. For Rhonda McCreary, Henry's efforts were "toooooooooooo stinking cute" while Steven Bryan dubbed him "the most adorable little weanie."

Anne Morrison commented: "Awww get him some steps or ramp. He's too cute to struggle like that." Spider_man1032 asked: "Kind of funny but was the puppy okay?"Responding to the question, Henry's owners answered: "He's totally fine!"

Elsewhere, Angel_Bee_Radio summed up the thoughts of many by writing: "I feel bad for laughing but that was adorable." According to Henry's owners, he is a dapple long haired miniature dachshund by breed and when the video was made he was just 12 weeks old.

Newsweek has contacted Hot Dog Henry for comment.

Writing for Dachworld, breeder and trainer Dr. Holly Ramsey said that despite their cute demeanor dapple dachshunds are "just as headstrong as sausage dogs with other types of coats."

"These are independent, courageous little dogs who don't seem to know their own size," she explained. "Occasionally, this can get them in trouble, since they may attempt to take on dogs who are much larger than they are."

She also notes their "loud, deep bark and general wariness" also make them effective guard dogs. Just don't expect them to be jumping up on the couch anytime soon.

This isn't the first time a Dachshund has stolen the show on social media. A similar cute canine bagged all the attention at their owner's wedding after being enlisted to serve as the ring bearer.

Meanwhile, another adorable wiener dog grabbed the headlines on TikTok after being filmed playing in a paddling pool during a particularly hot day.

A wiener dog on a couch.
A file photo of a wiener dog on a couch - an adorable Dachshund's adventurous antics have won him a new set of fans. YakobchukOlena/Getty