Wife 'Blew Up' At Husband Who Traded Gift She Gave Him With Her Boss in Viral Post

People may exchange gifts they receive during the holidays at a store, but a woman claimed in a viral Reddit post that her husband swapped the gift she gave him with the gift she gave to her boss.

In her post on "Am I the A**hole," which earned more than 10,000 interactions, u/sunnyPhilly9544 wrote that she makes a list of the people she buys gifts for and what they will be. On that list was her boss, who she said is "amazing." The Redditor gave him a tie, calling it nothing fancy, though he appreciated it.

"The issue started when my husband received the [C]hristmas gift I bought him which was a pair of sunglasses that I thought he liked," u/sunnyPhilly9544 wrote. "He didn't say he didn't like it but he has a bit of a passive attitude and doesn't say his honest opinions."

After the holiday weekend, the Redditor's husband went to her workplace and "told" her boss to trade gifts. She believes her husband knew what she bought her boss after looking at her gift list.

"My boss notified me while I was out and I couldn't believe it," she wrote. "I went home and just blew up at him for going to my workplace and bullying my boss into trading gifts with him."

Christmas Argument
A woman claimed in her viral Reddit post that she got into a disagreement with her husband who insisted on swapping the gift she bought for him with the gift she bought her boss. JackF/Getty Images

Her husband claimed that the matter was between him and her boss and that she was overreacting.

u/sunnyPhilly9544 said her husband told her, "Unlike us women, 'them' men don't see it as a big issue and are a lot more chill than us when it comes to 'etiquette' and that kind of stuff us women obsess over."

She said he also blamed her for the situation because he did not like the gift she gave to him. Although u/sunnyPhilly9544 wrote that her husband did not think much of the interaction, her boss was upset and wanted to speak with her about it.

Not liking a gift may be awkward, but it isn't uncommon to return or exchange one. However, there is a way to go about the exchange that does not hurt the gift-giver.

Lizzie Post, co-president of The Emily Post Institute—an organization that provides etiquette advice—told MoneyWatch that returning a gift doesn't "negate" the spirit of it.

"If the gift included a receipt, she probably knew you would want to return it," Post said. "If not, just say thank you and in a nice tone say, 'It's not quite my color,' or another police explanation, and ask, 'Would you mind if I exchanged it for something better suited for me?'"

u/sunnyPhilly9544 wrote that the two have been at odds since their argument, but commenters backed her.

A comment with more than 19,000 votes stated that the Redditor was not overreacting, and her husband was acting immaturely, selfish and sexist, all while risking her professional reputation.

"He is also gaslighting you with the 'it's your fault I'm angry, so the fallout is your fault too,'" u/innocentsubterfuge wrote. "He is wrong."

Another commenter suggested that u/sunnyPhilly9544's husband likely feeds into her insecurities and noted that things won't improve if he stays in her life.

Some suggested he was insecure himself and is intentionally trying to drive a wedge between her and her place of work.

"Maybe he has fears of her having a workplace affair, but most likely he wants to keep her from being financially independent and he wants to keep her isolated," u/AQualityKoalaTeacher insinuated.

Wrote u/AdventuresofRikke: "I'm rather worried about your husband's treatment of you—this level of controlling, boundary-stomping behavior is not normal or healthy and speaks to a deeper dysfunction in your relationship."