Mom Cheating on Husband With Clown Hired for Her Kid's Birthday Sparks Fury

An unusual post on Reddit by user mikesTHrowawayforme has attracted a very mixed reaction online and given a new meaning to the phrase "scared of clowns." In the post, the writer describes how, after his wife insisted they hire a clown for their son's birthday, she then cheated on him at the party with said clown.

"My wife insisted on hiring a clown for my son's birthday despite my protests because A) Who the f*** hires clowns anymore B) I have a (not aggressive but present) fear of clowns," the user writes. "I gave in to my wife because I love her…The biggest regret of my life. She was pissy at me all day, she disappeared during the party around the same time as the clown was on break."

At the request of other users, he goes in to more detail.

"Hmm okay i'll try to keep my cool cause the whole thing feels so ridiculous and like i said initially is humiliating," he writes. "I had noticed they were chatting in the kitchen right after his break, he was making her laugh (which i guess he's paid to do) it didn't seem overly flirtatious so i went bout enjoying the party.

A clown
A stock image of a clown. A Reddit user has described how his wife cheated on him with a clown hired for their son's birthday party. Getty Images

"Only to return to the kitchen and neither of them were there, i wandered around the party looking for my wife not too concerned with where the clown was at all. Anyway i eventually found her leave the direction of my study and she literally (this is where it gets ridiculous) had some clown makeup on her lip and cheek. I pointed it out to her, she wiped it off without an explanation.

"She escorted me away from the study. a few minutes later i was within eye-line of my study and the clown peaks his head out and waltzes out back to the party. He finished his shift but he seemed more distracted than the first half glancing over at my wife who was clapping with the children.

"Once the party ended i noticed something peaking out of the top of her dress. Now with warranted suspicion i took it out and it was the clown's business card tucked into her bra...

"That's when i confronted her and she confessed almost immediately."

A fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia and according to The Cleveland Clinic, some experts believe as many as one in 10 adults are sufferers. The fear could stem from a childhood mistrust of clowns because their facial expressions and emotions are masked by their makeup.

User reactions to mikesTHrowawayforme's post are mixed, with some expressing sympathy, others very much seeing the funny side, many thinking this was not the first time the wife had met the clown and some downright disbelieving the incident took place at all.

Some were indignant on behalf on husband. Aoeletta said: "You are rightfully angry, hurt, betrayed, and she did this. You did nothing wrong."

Eezergoode1990 wrote: "Why the f*** are you in the guest house. Kick her out of the home and guest house."

ForceXGIXX agreed: "She belongs to the streets. Kick her out bro. Let her join the circus freaks. Honestly, dude, this sucks, big time. She let a clown disrespect you, in your own house!"

User Fogg4dayz shared a comment that attracted 7.6k likes: "I had a coworker insist to his wife that they hire an Elsa (from Frozen) impersonator. He was sleeping with her for 6 months prior and she was another co-worker. Sorry, but I have to agree with others that she was sleeping with this clown before the party."

Divorce papers
The hands of a wife and husband are seen with divorce documents at a lawyer's office in this stock image. An alleged fling between a woman and a clown at a children's party has provoked some strong feelings on Reddit. Getty Images

Many were quick to make jokes at the original posters expense, with user Otherwise-Fly-331 writing: "This is a devastating thing to go thorough and you guys are making jokes!?!? Quit clowning around and give OP some support."

PENNOuk replied: "I really feel sorry for op [original poster], but s*** mate that comment is comedy gold."

Some users questioned the authenticity of the post based on the assertion that the clown gave the wife his business card, with user ConeBone1969 writing: "If we take this story at face value, then why would she have the clown's card in her bra if they were already f******. Come to think of it, why would she need a card if she hired the clown? It's not like they never communicated with the clown before that day. Smells kinda fishy to me…"

Jperezny agrees: "I don't know about that…why would he leave her his business card?," while gibokilo wrote, "Lol dude this is not real."

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