Wife Probing Husband Over Not Wearing Wedding Band in Hospital Sparks Fury

A woman has been slammed by the internet for worrying more about her wedding ring than her husband's wellbeing after getting mad at him for not wearing his wedding band right after surgery.

In a post shared on Reddit on Thursday, the woman, who goes by the username u/FoundTreasure3456, explained that her husband had knee surgery a few days ago and she couldn't be there to help him because of work.

When she went to the hospital to see him she noticed first that he didn't have his wedding band on, so she started asking about it as soon as he woke up.

Wedding rings
A stock image shows a couple holding hands wearing weddings rings. A woman has been slammed by the internet for getting mad at husband not wearing wedding bands after surgery. Getty Images

"We had a small argument and exchanged some words then his mom took me outside the room and started scolding me, saying what I was doing was not okay and reminded me [about] anesthesia and [he] woke up hours ago so he was still in & out of it."

The woman insists that the wedding band is very important to her as it symbolizes respect and recognition of their relationship, and as much as her husband and mother-in-law called her ridiculous over it, she believes her reaction was justified.

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Most users slammed the woman for not putting her husband's wellbeing first.

Jaidiee commented: "[YouAreTheA**hole]. You sound like hard work." And rainyreminder said: "The kind of hard work that doesn't bring a reward."

Some other users shared their own similar experiences and what their reaction was. Thelastdarkwingduck said: "My wife has had multiple surgeries since our marriage (we are still young, less than 30) and this person has no clue what she got into, and I sincerely hope her husband bails and finds better.

"This is an insane and self-centered expectation. You know what I did when my wife woke up from surgery? Asked if she wanted ice chips and how her pain was, this is INFURIATING."

And Lazy_Cod2554 added: "Exactly! Who doesn't take off for their spouses MAJOR surgery?! She gives major spoiled and entitled vibes."

LadyGreyIcedTea wrote: "Yeah my husband had minor outpatient surgery last year and I can honestly say I have no idea if he had his wedding ring with him nor would it occur to me to care. If I had surgery I would probably leave my rings at home so I didn't have to worry about them."

Another user, eriitolm commented: "Imagine caring more about the ring than the wellbeing of her loved (?) one."

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