Wild Teens on the Loose! 32 Felons Escape From Nashville Detention Center

Mark Humphrey/AP

In case you needed another reason to not get out of bed tomorrow, 32 teens escaped from a juvenile detention center near Nashville, Tennessee.The Tennessean reports that the youths busted out of the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center through a flimsy spot under a chain-link fence. Two of them were captured right after the mass escape, and 22 were found throughout the night. Eight are still on the run.

Rob Johnson, spokesman for the Department of Children's Services, said the escaped youngsters are all boys ages 14 to 19. Before the breakout, the facility was housing 78.

The escape happened around 11 p.m. Monday, shortly following a 10:30 p.m. shift change. The delinquents reportedly got out of the center and into the yard by kicking out a metal panel underneath a window. Johnson said the boys discovered the fence could be lifted, then they crawled underneath and ran away. Some of the facility's staff saw the rogue teens leaving and called the authorities.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol and metro police immediately set out on a manhunt. As of 10 a.m. on Tuesday, 24 of the escapees have been caught. Some turned themselves in, were brought back by family members or were apprehended by local law enforcement.

When last seen, the youthful offenders were clad in dark dungarees, black shoes and unmarked gray shirts, according to WFTV.

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