Wildest Fan Reactions to Charlie Puth's 'Left to Right' Song With Jungkook

Charlie Puth seemingly broke the internet, albeit briefly, with the launch of his new song "Left and Right," featuring BTS singer Jungkook.

The singer posted a screenshot of a YouTube error page, which he claimed was a result of "so many people trying to watch the music video." The excitement was spread across multiple locations as the song had millions of hits on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Twitter and more, within hours of being posted.

"Left and Right" is Puth's third release from his upcoming album Charlie, expected to drop later this year. Jungkook, best known for being a member of BTS, looks set to start a solo career after the band recently announced a hiatus.

Puth announced the surprise collaboration earlier this month with a funny TikTok video featuring the two performers. Now the music video is out, fans have even more reason to celebrate.

"I'm totally amazed this beautiful song," @lynnmam_bts wrote on Twitter. Those sentiments were echoed by thousands on social media. "I can't stop listening," said @JKmultitalented and many others while it has already been touted as the "summer hit" by fans and media outlets.

"Looove the Charlie Puth x Jungkook collab," wrote entertainment journalist MJ Felipe, while K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin said the duo are "defining what's happening in pop today."

The reaction got even more extreme in some internet circles. "The line" all the nights we were tangled up in your bed" is doing me unhealthy things i blame jungkook, mom im in love," wrote @gukieselca. They also claimed they were so affected by the idea of Jungkook in their bed that they crashed the YouTube app.

"We broke the YouTube!!!" @OT_7Biased exclaimed on Twitter. Don't do the ARMY's like this. Please give us the [music video]!!! I'm begging you," wrote BTS fan member @jeonafide.

Charlie Puth posted a snippet of the new music video on his TikTok on Friday morning. Within hours it also had millions of views and thousands of comments from his own and Jungkook fans.

@Angelica_cb wrote in all caps, "Jungkook taking over the world" and @cberjk added, once again in caps, "It's a bop! Summer smash hit, let's support."

Adding to the excitement, Puth told his fans that they should be sure to listen in the correct way too. "When you listen to left and right make sure you listen with headphones to get the full effect. It'll tickle your brain !!!!! I love the snare drum ughhhh," he tweeted.

Puth's third studio album, titled Charlie, is set to be released in 2022 with no firm date announced yet.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook comp
Charlie Puth's new song, "Left and Right" is a collaboration with BTS member Jungkook. Puth posted a screenshot of a YouTube error page, which he claimed was a result of "so many people trying to watch the music video." Steve Jennings / Frazer Harrison/WireImage / Getty Images