Wilkes Barre Tornado: Severe Damage Caused By Potential Tornado in Pennsylvania

A possible tornado ripped through Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Wednesday evening, causing significant damage to the township. The Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department reported multiple collapsed and damaged buildings in the area, as well as power outages.

Photos posted on social media showed severe structural damage, destroyed businesses and cars flipped over by the storm. Debris, downed power lines and toppled trees littered the ground. Local news outlet WYOU-TV likened the scene to a "war zone."

"I was washing dishes in the back, my manager had us secure the doors," Bruno Isles, a worker at a Panera Bread in the area, told the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. "We had tables and chairs flying through the windows."

Minor injuries were reported as a result of the weather. It remained unclear whether there were any serious injuries or fatalities.

First responders, the American Red Cross and the National Weather Service were all deployed to the scene. The NWS was expected to officially determine whether a tornado had, in fact, struck the area.

While tornadoes can occur at any time of the year in Pennsylvania, the state sees them most frequently in May, June and July, with June historically bringing the most. Since 1888, there have been 175 tornadoes in Pennsylvania recorded in June, according to WPMT.

Red Cross disaster workers supporting first responders overnight at the scene of likely tornado damage in Wilkes-Barre Township pic.twitter.com/GcgqFPwhAm

— RedCrossEasternPA (@RedCrossEastPA) June 14, 2018

More photos from our team assisting on the ground in Wilkes-Barre Township after last night’s probable tornado pic.twitter.com/OFTantZ3TA

— RedCrossEasternPA (@RedCrossEastPA) June 14, 2018