Will Accused Landrieu Burglar Play the Race Card?

James O'Keefe, the young conservative activist who posed as a pimp to sucker ACORN workers into advising him on how to buy a house with his imaginary ill-gotten gains, was arrested for attempting to illegally bug Sen. Mary Landrieu's office. As he told Fox News, with nary an objection from the anchors, he isn't really a pimp, clownish costume notwithstanding, because he is "one of the whitest guys ever."

Curiously, the implication by a hero of the right's that all pimps are nonwhite generated surprisingly little consternation from Harry Reid's critics who just a few weeks ago were bravely standing tall against racially insensitive, stereotyping remarks. Where's John Cornyn when you need him?

If a pimp can't be white, would O'Keefe maintain that a burglar can't be either? Sounds like an airtight defense to me.

And, just in case you thought O'Keefe really might be a pimp despite his pale skin, rest assured that the case has been closed. He's moving back in with his parents. That's not very pimp at all.

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