Will BTS Perform at the 2019 Met Gala? Fan Theories Place K-Pop Favorites at Anna Wintour's Exclusive Event

The Met Gala is one of New York's most exclusive, elusive events, and though the guest list is held under lock and key, BTS fans are theorizing the K-Pop group may be in attendance. Not only have members of the BTS army worked out a possible BTS sighting on the Met steps, but they've also explained it's possible the group will perform at the gala.

While BTS's appearance or invite is unconfirmed, there are a handful of reasons why fans have come to think they may be attending. The first comes with two U.S. tour dates scheduled ahead of the gala. The Met Gala is held on the first Monday in May every year. This year, it will be May 6. BTS is scheduled to perform two concerts in Los Angeles on May 4 and 5, meaning they'll be free and in the United States on May 6. Though it's a plane ride away, celebrities have flown longer distances in a day to attend coveted events. Their next scheduled event will be a tour stop in Chicago on May 11, as confirmed by their website's diary schedule.

Another hint to fans of the group, which they revealed on Twitter, is the group's relationship to Baz Luhrmann. Luhrmann was the head of planning of the 2018 gala's musical performances. The coveted creative, best known for his writing, production and directing, teased a collaboration with BTS on Twitter in October. A Reddit thread spearheaded by BTS fans breaks down the possibility of the collaboration ending with a Met Gala show. An alternate theory claims the band may be branding with Chanel, as they've been sporting the classic designer frequently and Luhrmann has his own ties to the fashion house.

The last clue cites a different fashion house: Gucci. Gucci has its own hand in the 2019 Met Gala as this year's sponsor, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The brand's creative director, Alessandro Michele, spoke highly of this year's theme, inspired by Susan Sontag's 1964 essay Notes on "Camp." Fans have seen BTS relate closely to Gucci recently, from the group wearing the brand to Gucci's "persona" themed fashion show in 2019. "Persona" is the theme of BTS's upcoming album, Map Of The Soul: Persona, as well as a track title on the album.

The 2019 Met Gala is co-chaired by musicians Lady Gaga and Harry Styles.