Will Ferrell Gatecrashes Seattle Seahawks Zoom Call, Poses as Greg Olsen

Conference calls have become second nature for franchises as the lockdown enforced by the coronavirus pandemic has meant the likes of Zoom have replaced face-to-face team meetings and press conferences.

The NFL has enthusiastically embraced the new technology but the Seattle Seahawks encountered an unexpected issue when they held a conference call on Thursday to introduce Greg Olsen, who signed for the Seahawks in free agency last month.

"I thought it would be fitting to have our first virtual Seahawks welcome for a new player," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told the players on the call.

"We have a guy that comes to us from the University of Miami, he was drafted by the Carolina Panthers [Olsen was actually drafted by the Chicago Bears] and has been playing tight end for years. He's a long-time Pro Bowler [...] really happy and thrilled to have him be part of what we're doing. I want to welcome Greg Olsen."

As Carroll completed the introduction, the video feed did not switch to the former Carolina Panthers tight end, but to Hollywood star Will Ferrell. Donning a Seahawks jersey, the three-time Golden Globe nominee played the role of Olsen to perfection.

"Coach, thanks so much, so excited to be here," he said. "I'm so excited to be a Seahawk and excited to play with you, Russ [Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson]. Russ, I love you, I mean I love you, I love the way you play.

"I love the way you handle yourself as a human being, I mean I love you, let's make a baby, you know."

.@gregolsen88 looks a little different here...

Special guest Will Ferrell crashed today's virtual team meeting. 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/LQArLdfmbw

— Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) May 1, 2020

In his role as Olsen, Ferrell then said he was excited to fit into the Seahawks offense.

"I've come here to catch some balls," he explained.

"That's what I hope to do. [...] You know, what I did for Carolina I drew most of my own plays, so I'm going to be adding a lot to the playbook."

As Ferrell held up a sheet of paper on which he had drawn up an offensive play called "90-go-flywheel Kanye Starburst", Wilson shared his approval for the new signing.

"I like it," the Seahawks quarterback said.

Ferrell also addressed the rest of the offense, suggesting the Seahawks had a "good tight end group" before urging Luke Wilson to shave his trademark locks.

The Canadian is renowned in the NFL for his long hair, but Ferrell clearly isn't a fan.

"The only thing I wanna tell you is that you have to tame that s*** down, that's not the way I handle myself," The Anchorman star told the Seahawks tight end.

"I don't know what you do in the offseason up there in Canada but cut your hair and let's play some football."

Ferrell then admitted he would be on the field for about "12 plays a game" but dismissed the suggestion he was too old to play football at 36, Olsen's age, as Ferrell is 52, and lifted his shirt to reveal he did not need to work out.

"My body is a temple," he added. "I know that's what you guys preach there and in fact I've been doing a lot of yoga and nothing else."

If the Seahawks are serious about reaching another Super Bowl, they better hope the real Olsen reports for training camp ahead of the season.

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