This 'Will & Grace' Drinking Game Bingo Card Would Make Karen Walker Proud

Make your viewing of the 'Will & Grace' premiere a drunk one with this drinking bingo game. Newsweek/Dwayne Bernard

Will & Grace is arguably a pretty good show in any state of mind, but it's an indisputably excellent show when you're drunk. Therefore, the only true and proper way to watch NBC's premiere of the Will & Grace revival tonight is the Karen Walker way: inebriated. And that's exactly what this drinking game/bingo chart is intended to do.

Feel free to play a regular, sober version of bingo and just try to check off five squares in a row (across, down, or diagonal, middle is a free space), but just know that Karen would be disappointed in you. Or you could play the much cooler and much more likely to result in a terrible Friday morning way by following these two simple rules:

  • Take a sip for every square you check off.
  • Finish your drink or take a shot when you get a Bingo.

Willgrace Bingo by Nicholas Loffredo on Scribd

Also, please make sure to eat something first and have water nearby. I will not be held responsible for your hospital bills.

This drinking game is specifically aimed at the Will & Grace that's back on NBC after 11 years off air. The show originally ran from 1998 to 2006, and at the time was considered revolutionary— some even credit it with changing the mind of the nation on homosexuality. But now it's 2017, and by the looks of the trailers, it's going to be the same old Will and the same old Grace (and Jack and Karen). Karen is going to drink. Jack is going to talk about himself. Karen is going to insult Grace. Grace is going to have tumultuous relationships with men. Karen is going to be sexual. Will is going to act superior. Karen is going to offend. (Karen will have the most schticks, again.)

Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) and Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) in episode 3 of the 'Will & Grace' revival. Photo by Chris Haston/NBC

But Will & Grace has also always been topical, and the world has changed a lot in a decade. So expect some updates to the jokes, at the very least. There will inevitably be Trump shots, smartphone usage and musings about this new-fangled social media business. We already know Jack is on some version of Grinder, and I'd bet my life on at least one storyline involving Grace and OkCupid. And you know there's going to be a dig at millennials somewhere.

Will this Will & Grace be as funny as the original? Probably not, but don't worry, there's a drink for that one, too. Just sit back, relax, sip your wine and make Karen Walker proud. Remember: Drugs, not hugs!