Will Public Health Insurance "Bulldoze" Your Options?

That's what the group Conservatives for Patients' Rights argue in a new ad:

Here's the thing about health care reform: it is both very important and also incredibly boring, which is why these ads are so effective. They boil some facts and figures into scary talking points, add some stock footage of construction equipment, and let the music cues instruction viewers how they should be feeling (in this case: filled with increasing levels of angst).

But what's the alternative? Educate your own self on the ins and outs of health care reform? No thanks, buddy. Luckily, a new Factcheck.org article posted on Newsweek.com breaks down the arguments made by CPR, including the statement that the plan currently favored by Congress "could crush all your other choices, driving them out of existence, resulting in 119 million off their current insurance coverage."

The facts, according to author Lori Robertson, point to much less dire consequences:

The type of public plan necessary to cause 119 million people to move from private insurance to a considerably cheaper public option doesn't appear to be gaining traction in Congress. And it isn't what President Obama has proposed...the type of public plan President Obama proposed on the campaign trail would be available only to individuals, the self-employed and small employers – not to everyone – and therefore, wouldn't pull anywhere near as many people off private insurance.

...It's also worth noting that this number comes from one analysis, and some researchers haven't predicted such a damaging effect on the private insurance market from the introduction of a public plan

There's a lot more where that came from. Familiarizing yourself with this two-page article will make you not only better informed on this very important topic, but will also help you sound MUCH smarter then your friends when health care reform comes up, as it inevitably will, at this weekend's pool party.

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