Will Republicans Once Again Vote for a NDAA That Drafts Your Daughters? | Opinion

Every year, Republicans dutifully vote for the National Defense Authorization Act ("NDAA") because we inherently support our troops and want to provide adequate resources to defend our nation. I respect that. What I do not respect are politicians—be they veteran or not—who will vote without any serious debate to subject my daughter to the draft, all while doing nothing to meaningfully reform the dangerously broken Department of Defense.

Unfortunately, that is what two-thirds of House Republicans did just a few weeks ago. In that bill, House Republicans blessed—with their vote—the following unconscionably bad policies:

  1. Subjecting our daughters to the draft;
  2. Taking guns from service members under "red flag" provisions,
  3. Continuation of woke policies advancing "diversity officers," as well as "equity" and critical race theory training;
  4. Continuation of "Green New Deal" climate awareness training, and;
  5. Zero accountability for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman Mark Milley or anyone else for the unmitigated disaster that was the Afghanistan withdrawal.

There is a chance the "red flag" provision will get fixed—but it's far from certain. As for the rest: unlikely. But still, most egregious is that the NDAA, as currently drafted, will mandate that my daughter—and everyone else's daughter—sign up to possibly be deployed to a war zone foxhole in a future American conflict.

This is not a question of whether women can serve in the military. Thousands of women serve admirably in the United States Armed Forces, and we are all thankful for their service and their sacrifice. The question is whether we, as a country, will force the possibility of the horrors and strains of combat upon our wives, our sisters and our daughters—and worse, do so without so much as a moment of debate or legislative amendment on the House floor.

Now, I have heard a host of arguments from my House Republican colleagues trying to excuse away their support for this disastrous policy. They would be merely laughable if they were not so consequential.

Some Republicans have told me that they will vote for a female draft because the GOP will supposedly abolish either this provision, or the draft altogether, when we take power again. Well—OK, then do it now. But of course they won't. And if we had a dollar for every time we were going to "fix" something "later," we would have settled the national debt by now. Further, the subtext of this argument, as often articulated, is that we just need to give the Democrats their "win" of checking a woke policy box en route to later abolishing the draft. This is utter nonsense.

A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter takes
A U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter takes off at sunset while transporting American troops out of a remote combat outpost known as RLZ on May 25, 2021 near the Turkish border in northeastern Syria. John Moore/Getty Images

I have also heard that women would never be drafted if we rubber-stamp this. This is either a lie or just evinces an extraordinary level of gullibility. The fact is, of course they will be. Democrats literally cannot even call pregnant women "women." They don't believe the sexes are different—at all. Individuals who believe there are no differences between the sexes will not hesitate to draft your daughter or put your daughter into combat.

Yet some of my colleagues also argue that in the case of a national emergency, we would need the draft because "we need all hands on deck"—which of course inadvertently undermines their previous arguments of saying it will never happen! But, assuming it does happen, this is also precisely why we shouldn't do it. War is an ugly, albeit occasionally necessary, thing. It requires people to make grim and sober calculations about blood and treasure in order to win.

This is where we must acknowledge the simple biological reality that men and women are physically different by our very nature, regardless of whatever woke nonsense now emanates from the average university campus. For example, when the U.S. Army rolled out its new gender-neutral Combat Fitness Test, it resulted in the initial failure rate of 60-85 percent for women—as opposed to a 10-30 percent failure rate for men. The U.S Marine Corps conducted a taxpayer-funded study to determine whether men and women could perform equally in ground combat tasks and found that the all-male units out-performed mixed-gender units almost 70 percent of the time. Who would've thought?

At the end of the day, men are men and women are women. While certain women can be as capable as certain men, it's simply not true that in combat settings, both sexes fare the same overall. We are different by our very nature and the way that we order our republic should continue to respect those natural differences. We should not be afraid of proclaiming that simple, obvious, consequential truth; we ignore it at our own peril, in this matter and others.

To the many women who have volunteered to serve—and the many who have given their lives for, or been injured in service of, our country—thank you, and we are proud of you and your families.

To the many Republicans poised to make a devastating decision again, just know that I will not be able to vote for you for any office—including speaker, leader, president, or otherwise—if you vote for this.

Abolish the draft if you wish and bring it back again if and when we need one; I am willing to debate that on the merits. But—for her sake and this republic's—I will not vote to draft my daughter, and those who do so have lost my future support for office.

Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican, represents Texas' 21st congressional district.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.