Will There Be a Fourth 'Christmas Prince' Movie?: What's Next After Netflix's 'The Royal Baby'

Netflix released the third installment of the popular Christmas Prince film series, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, just in time for the holidays. It has become available to stream Thursday morning, and already has fans wondering what comes next for the series.

The first movie, titled A Christmas Prince, was released on the streaming platform in November 2017. A sequel followed in 2018 called A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. The third title was announced in March 2019, which gave fans months to anticipate the plot of The Royal Baby.

So far there's no news of a fourth installment from Netflix. But if it is in the works, it's likely to be launched next December like The Royal Baby.

A Christmas Prince
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby launched on Netflix Thursday. Cos Aelenei/Netflix

Fans took to Twitter Thursday to discuss a possible fourth movie. Some suggested Netflix continue the series, while others joked what possible titles could be.


— Amber Eve (@mariaricaterese) December 5, 2019

Calling it now, A Christmas Prince 4: Aldovia's new subway.

— ☔☔JessAnn☔☔ (@JessAnn_) December 5, 2019

A Christmas Prince 4: A Right Royal Affair And Messy, Protracted Divorce.

Coming to Netflix, December 2021.

— Lynsey James (@Lynsey1991) December 5, 2019

A Christmas Prince
A Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding
A Christmas Prince: 3 The Royal Baby
A Christmas Prince 4: The Revolution Begins
A Christmas Prince 5: First Against The Wall
A Christmas Prince 6: Rise of The Workers
A Christmas Prince 7: Full Communism

— Eleanor Morton is probably joking (@EleanorMorton) December 4, 2019

The Christmas Prince series follows the story of Amber and Richard. Amber was a journalist who disguised herself as a tutor to sneak into a palace. She was on assignment to write about the elusive Prince Richard. Later, the pair fell in love, got married, and now are pregnant with a child. The plot of the third film follows a curse on the kingdom as they get closer and closer to Amber's due date.

Most seemingly consider the movie to be lighthearted and festive. A review by the Daily Beast claims the third film is a "hilarious hot mess," and fans seem to agree. Twitter users who have already started viewing the third film explained their takes on the social media platform Thursday morning.

I’m only 7 minutes into A Christmas Prince 3 and it’s so stupid I love it. pic.twitter.com/rc17PLCq29

— Savannah (@CreditsCorner) December 5, 2019

Please do protect Amber Moore at all cost (and even more @imrosemciver please)
I absolutely loved A Christmas Prince 3 and my heart is back at being all cheesily full of love...not complaining! pic.twitter.com/P3hwuMOcxs

— Lisa ✨ (@onceupon_aoncer) December 5, 2019

Actor Ben Lamb, who plays Richard in the films, explained the characters are "two-dimensional," as Christmas films seemingly follow similar storylines. "I would say that a lot of the characters in these types of movies are as close as we have these days to old school, stock characters," he told Entertainment Tonight. "And so, they're not necessarily the most complex to play. I think that the exciting thing about doing this job is the fact that you get to...The challenge is to put in as much reality and empathy, in what could easily come across as two-dimensional characters. I think that's what I've tried to do, certainly, is to make them real and relatable."