'Wine Country': How to Watch, Cast and What to Know About the New Amy Poehler Movie

Amy Poehler and friends are back with a friendship-based comedy, Wine Country, which will be housed on Netflix. The comedy film is highly anticipated by social media users, who are already applauding Poehler for her creative directing, just from the trailer. Here's everything you need to know ahead of viewing.

How to Watch Wine Country

Wine Country will be available on Netflix Friday. It can be streamed anytime by subscribers to the online media platform.


The film focuses on female friendship, and how that can change over time. A group of long-time friends adventure to wine country for one of the members' 50th birthdays. While, it's an exciting, girl trip, the group begins to question their bonds as the wine flows and the trip runs on.


Poehler is directing, as well as playing one of the leading friends, Abby. She'll be joined by Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey, Tina Fey, Liz Cackowski and Maya Rudolph.

What Poehler Says

Poehler explained she doesn't want viewers to get the wrong idea, ahead of watching the film, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday. "It's not a movie about a bunch of old ladies acting inappropriately," the comedian said.

She also commented on the fact that all leading actors are real-life friends. "I'm proud of the fact that all of us are really good friends that support each other's work and I think we all try to give and provide opportunities for women especially and that we work in an industry that is constantly making us have to advocate for ourselves," she said.

Poehler noted there isn't much of a comedic pressure in the film, either. She said improv techniques ruled the scenes, rather than one actor at any given time. "I know that we all pick projects that matter to us and in that way we try to curate good stuff…Once you're in it, you really just have to go back to your improv rules and commit, you can't comment on it while it's happening, you have to just commit to it and see where it goes, hopefully trust the captain who's leading you."