Did Anyone Win the Powerball Jackpot on 9/15/2021? Numbers and Results

This Wednesday, nobody won the biggest lottery jackpot on offer. It was worth $432 million, and that huge sum will now roll over into the next draw.

However, some people took the second prize, meaning millions were still won, and those sums have already been claimed.

The Powerball Jackpot Winning Numbers

The winning numbers were 01-04-18-46-62, with the Powerball number of 25 and a Power Play of 3x.

That means those who didn't get the Powerball number, but got all the others, took home $2 million each with the Power Play, and $1 million without it.

There were three winners of the second prize without the Power Play, as well as 22 winners of the third prize, which was $50,000.

There were also two winners of the third prize in the Power Play, which was multiplied to $150,000.

Because the main jackpot wasn't won, the money rolls over to the next draw, which will take place on September 19. This jackpot will be $457 million.

The Monday night draw also saw no one take home the grand prize, or even the second prize of $1 million.

These numbers were 37-40-50-61-63, with a Powerball number of 21 and a Power Play of 3x.

While there seem to be fewer winners, at the beginning of 2021 there were three jackpot winners within four draws, which meant one winner took home the reset amount of $20 million

How to Win the Powerball

Other than the main jackpot, there are eight ways to win money on the Powerball.

The smallest amount which can be won is $4, after which it is $7 and $100. This amount is also multiplied if the Power Play is played, meaning if it is Power Play 10x you could win $40, $70 or $1000 with only a few matches.

The top three prizes are $50,000, $1 million and the jackpot, and the Power Play affects these numbers.

The third prize can be multiplied up to $500,000, while the second prize can be a maximum of $2 million, despite the Power Play number.

There is another multi-state lottery, Mega Millions, which is played on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Remember to play the lottery responsibly and never spend more than you can afford.

You can contact the National Council on Problem Gambling via its 24-hour confidential national helpline by calling or texting 1-800-522-4700 or chatting at ncpgambling.org/chat for guidance.

Freshly printed Powerball ticket
A freshly printed Powerball ticket is seen at a Citgo gas station on February 17, 2006, near the Illinois border in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Tim Boyle/Getty Images