Welcome to Winter: Beautiful Scenes Around the World

In the northern hemisphere, winter is sweeping in—let nature take your mind off the rest of 2016.
Pavilions on a lake in Xi'an, China
Welcome to Winter: Beautiful Scenes Around the World Stringer/REUTERS

It is easy to forget humans only make up for a fraction of our world. We are fascinated with our species, and often for good reason: We discover things about our bodies and minds every day; we invent, we progress, we often surprise ourselves. But frequently humans fight, we doubt, we argue and we fear. While 2016 could be the most hated year of the millennium (so far), as John Oliver noted, winter gives us the chance to take a step back and concentrate on something else. Nature has a way of making humans seem small and insignificant. Marveling at foggy mountain tops, frosty flowers and crisp leaves is the remedy to soothe a busy mind. Newsweek has compiled some of the most beautiful scenes of winter arriving in the northern hemisphere. Take some time out and enjoy the world in all its peaceful glory.

A tree in early morning fog on a field between Hanau and Offenbach, Germany, November 1. Kai Pfaffenbach/REUTERS