Winter Storm Landon Update, Forecast and How Many Inches of Snow Will Fall Today

Winter Snow Storm Landon is expected to bring heavy snow and major travel disruption to all areas between the Southern Rockies and New England.

Storm Langdon could cause a 2,000-mile-long expanse of snow and ice. In addition to the heavy snow, areas can also expect freezing rain and sleet.

Multiple areas in the path of Storm Landon could see at least 6 inches of snow. These includes the Southern Rockies and Plains into the Midwest and northern New England, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo and Burlington, Vermont.

The states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan can expect some of the heaviest snowfall.

The National Weather Service (NWS) took to Twitter on Wednesday to warn of the incoming snow from the storm.

"A large and significant winter storm will impact much of the central and north eastern U.S., bringing a variety of winter weather and hazards including heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain," the tweet read.

"The storm will be prolonged with several rounds of winter weather lasting through Thursday for portions of the central U.S. before shifting to the interior Northeast.

"Heavy snow is expected over the southern Rockies and from the south-central Great Plains through the eastern Great Lakes and interior Northeast.

"A corridor of heavy ice accumulation is likely from Texas through the Ohio River Valley.

"Plan now for prolonged hazardous winter weather conditions and disrupted travel."

The snow, sleet and ice will extend as far south as Oklahoma and western Texas on Wednesday, according to the Weather Channel. It also said the rain will change to freezing rain and impede travel in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Little Rock metro areas on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, snow, sleet and freezing rain are expected to persist in areas as far south as central and northern Texas, Arkansas, western Tennessee and northwestern Mississippi.

By Thursday evening it is thought this winter weather will have spread into the interior Northeast, from northwest Pennsylvania to western, central and upstate New York to northern New England.

On Friday, most areas will be in the final stages of the storm. As the cold front sweeps through the Northeast, rainfall could turn to freezing rain and sleet in parts. There could also be snow as far east as southern New England and New York.

Travel is expected to become more dangerous between Colorado and Maine due to the storm. Significant snowfall and freezing rain could result in tree damage and power outages.

After the storm, new fresh cold air may result in roads being dangerous and difficult to traverse as the melting snow and ice refreeze. The Weather Channel said travel plans should be postponed or canceled due to the severe weather.

AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter also warned retailers and consumers could see a slow down of goods and services as trucks struggle to transport goods through the central U.S. for a few days.

"We could be looking at a big mess in moving products to where people and businesses need them as a result of our latest winter storm," he said.

"This interruption in the supply chain may be felt for weeks."

Winter storm
Stock image of people walking during heavy snow. Winter storm Landon is expected to bing heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain across the U.S. Getty Images and NATIONAL WEATHER SEVICE