Wisconsin Police Arrest Man Accused of Trying to Kiss Several Women at Walmart

A man accused of accosting multiple woman inside a Wisconsin Walmart last week has been arrested and charged with physical abuse of a child, police say.

Robert Cicmansky, 50, of Illinois, was arrested after being captured on surveillance footage approaching shoppers at the retail outlet at 3800 Deerfield Drive in Janesville on November 21. The incidents occurred at about 9:30 p.m., with the suspect allegedly trying to kiss women and give them money.

Police say he turned himself in on Tuesday and is being held on $500 bond at Rock County Jail pending a December 13 court appearance, WXOW reported.

Investigators say Cicmansky spent at least an hour inside the Walmart and during that time tried to kiss at least three or four women. One woman was seen on the store's surveillance footage wiping her face after the man, who was pushing a shopping cart, leaned in and appeared to make contact with her face.

Cicmansky was captured on the CCTV approaching an older woman in a scooter and it's also possible more encounters happened out of the camera's view, the Janesville Gazette reported.

But it was the suspect's actions against a 17-year-old Walmart employee that sparked the criminal charges. According to police, the 50-year-old suspect approached her while she was stocking shelves and asked questions about her personal life before enquiring about her virginity.

After the teenager declined a $50 bill, the suspect then put it in her pocket. He then allegedly tried to kiss her on the cheek, slapped her on the buttocks and told her that he wasn't a pervert. Local media reported the teen fled to a restroom before telling a store manager what had happened.

"He [slapped] her on the backside hard enough that she said it hurt her for two hours. She figured there was probably a hand-print," said Detective Chris Buescher, WKOW reported.

Police said video surveillance picked the man up leaving the Walmart without the items that were in his shopping cart, and he appeared to be carrying a stuffed animal. He drove away from the area in a dark-colored pickup truck. Investigators said the suspect's motive was not clear.

It is believed Cicmansky's close-contact spree last week was not limited to Walmart, with police saying he also approached customers at Festival Foods and the Janesville Mall.

None of the victim's have been named by law enforcement.

"To think that it's OK to get that close to somebody having not warned them of what's coming, he's probably lucky he wasn't assault himself," detective Buescher told Fox47. Cicmansky has now been banned from every Walmart in Rock County and is scheduled for a competency hearing next month. If convicted, he could face up to six years prison or a fine of up to $10,000.

Robert Cicmansky
Robert Cicmansky, 50, of Illinois, was captured on surveillance footage approaching shoppers at the retail outlet at 3800 Deerfield Drive in Janesville on November 21. Janesville Police Department