Canadian Woman Charged With Witchcraft Two Days Before Law Scrapped in Country

Police in Canada have charged a woman on suspicion of fraudulently practicing witchcraft just two days before the law was due to be scrapped.

Tiffany Butch, 33, has been charged with "Pretending to Practice Witchcraft – Fortune Telling contrary to section 365(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada," Timmins police said in a statement. Police said Butch "holds herself out to be a self-proclaimed spiritualist, medium, and clairvoyant."

She allegedly took money from a resident in Timmins, Ontario, in return for protection from "some form potential danger likely to occur to her family."

As reported by CBC, Butch was charged on December 11, two days before the Canadian government repealed Section 365 from the books as part of a move to remove laws which are outdated, redundant or unconstitutional, such as challenging someone to a duel.

Under section 365, anyone found pretending to use witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment, conjuration, telling fortunes, or lying about having a skill or knowledge in an "occult or crafty science to discover where or in what manner anything that is supposed to have been stolen or lost may be found" faced being prosecuted.

Butch, who goes by the name "White Witch of the North" denies that she pretended to use witchcraft to protect someone from a curse for money and believes she is being set up.

"People proclaimed me a witch here and gave me a nickname, but I'm not a witch. I'm a psychic," she told CBC. "I don't know who this person even is, and none of my customers from October to now have put in any complaints with me or asked me for refunds back."

Marc Depatie, a spokesman for the Timmins Police, said that the fact the law was due to be scrapped was not a factor when bringing forward the charges.

Butch is due to appear in court in Timmins on January 22, 2019, to face the charges. It is expected Butch will be the final person in Canada to stand trial over witchcraft allegations.

In a statement announcing the charges, the Timmins Police Service reminded all citizens to be "wary of extravagant claims of impending danger made by any person or persons who claim to have clairvoyant or mystical powers and who will apply such powers or skills in return for financial compensations."

tiffany butch witch
Tiffany Butch was charged with pretending to practice witchcraft just two days before the law was scrapped in Canada. Facebook/Tiffany Black