Two-Year-Old Wolf Found Shot Dead in Oregon in 'Sickening' Attack

State Police in Oregon have launched an investigation and are appealing for information after a young wolf was shot and killed in Wallowa County.

On Tuesday (January 11,) the state police said they received a report on January 8 that a collared wolf had been found dead at Parsnip Creek RD, Wallowa County.

An image posted by the police force showed the deceased animal, which they said was a two-year-old female known as OR 106, who had likely died after being shot.

A spokesperson for Oregon State Police (OSP) wrote: "On January 8, 2022, at 10:36 a.m. a concerned citizen reported to the Oregon State Police and ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) personnel of finding a collared deceased wolf on Parsnip Creek RD in Wallowa County, approximately 6 miles southeast of Wallowa, OR.

"OSP Troopers and ODFW personnel responded to the area and located a deceased collared wolf. The initial investigation revealed that the wolf likely died as a result of being shot. The wolf, OR 106, was a two-year-old collared female. OR 106 was a lone wolf that dispersed from the Chesnimnus Pack."

Amaroq Weiss, senior wolf advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity, told the Oregonian that killing of wolves in this way was "sickening." She suggested that state authorities needed to do "much more" to prevent similar killings in the future.

The killing is the latest in a line of similar incidents impacting wolves in Oregon.

Eight wolves, including five from the same pack, were poisoned in the state last year, prompting a separate OPS appeal after police exhausted all leads investigating the killings.

Those deaths were reported in Union County Oregon in February 2021 and were followed in April and July by two other instances of wolves found with different types of poison in their systems.

After last year's killings, a $42,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction was offered by conservation groups.

OSP meanwhile signalled that information about the January 8 killing could also generate a reward.

The state police pointed out that the Oregon Hunters Association offer cash rewards for information related to the "unlawful take/possession or waste of" various animals including wolves in the state.

According to the ODFW, there were 173 wolves living in Oregon at the end of 2020. Wolves are a protected species in the state, although they were taken off Oregon's Endangered Species list in 2015.

In December, Michelle Dennehy, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the New York Times it is illegal to kill wolves in the state unless it is in defense of human life or under some cases where livestock is being depleted as a result of wolf attacks.

grey wolf
Stock photo of a grey wolf. Oregon police are searching for the person or persons who shot a young female wolf dead. Getty Images