Woman Shares $3k Cleaning Bill After Prosecco Bottle Exploded in Hot Car

While we all know not to leave pets or children in hot cars, it seems that your alcohol isn't safe either.

A woman has issued a stark warning, telling people not to leave bottles of prosecco in a hot cars after her bubbly exploded.

Jessica McCance, from Birmingham in the U.K., joked it was the priciest bottle she never got to drink, after sharing a breakdown of the cleaning bill. She uploaded a video to TikTok on Sunday, which can be viewed here, showing the interior of her damaged car.

A broken bottle lies on the passenger seat, which was soaked with booze, while shards of glass had ripped through the lining of the roof.

"Never ever leave a bottle of prosecco in a hot car," she captioned the clip, which has amassed more than 100,000 views.

The on-screen caption said: "Learn from my mistake and never leave a bottle of prosecco in a hot car. Well that was the most expensive bottle of prosecco I've ever not not had."

She shared an email from a repair company, entitled "interior damage," revealing she'd been quoted more than $3,000 to fix her car.

The email said: "Hi Jessica, the total cost would be £2,258 inc VAT. This includes parts and labour. It may be a call to your insurance perhaps to gauge their opinion. Should you need any more information please let me know."

McCance jokingly added: "Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse," next to the amount, which works out at about $3,097.

And it seems she'd received similar quotes, as she added: "I've spoken to so many and all of them say it's not repairable."

Explaining more about how bubbly reacts in hot temperatures, connoisseur website Pinot Squirrel said: "Because the wine in the bottle will expand because of the heat, the pressure is placed on the cork itself. As the bottle continues to warm up, the wine will leak out of the bottle or cause the cork to come out completely, creating a sizable mess in a car.

"If a bottle of wine has a cork rather than a screw top, the cork itself is likely to explode off of the bottle rather than the glass itself exploding. If the bottle of wine has a screw top rather than a cork, there is a possibility of the glass exploding.

"Plus, inexpensive wines are often packed in less expensive and thinner bottles that cannot handle as much pressure. However, there is far more likelihood of sparkling wine exploding than other types of wine due to the second fermentation process this wine goes through."

The U.K. is currently in the midst of a heatwave, seeing highs of 88.88F, which pales in comparison to the scorching 122F seen across the Northwest and Canada last month.

After sharing her life lesson, numerous people thanked her, as Ashleigh Louise said: "Thank you!! I've just took one out of my car."

Anay Makan thought: "For £2,200 I could live with the damage."

While Procrastination88 joked: "I'm surprised no one tried to nick it."

While Josh pointed out: "Learn from your mistakes? Common sense may be in order instead."

Newsweek reached out to McCance for comment.

File photo of prosecco cork exploding.
File photo of prosecco cork exploding. A woman warned not to leave bottles in hot cars after her prosecco exploded. Getty Images/ktsimage