Woman Accidentally Sends Nude Photos to Her Grandmother, Receives Hilarious Response

One TikToker recently made a big mistake: she sent nude pictures to the wrong person. But, to make matters more embarrassing, the accidental recipient wasn't a friend; the recipient was her grandmother.

The woman, Kim — known on TikTok as @excusemygrandmother — posted a video last weekend telling viewers about the awful mix-up. Thankfully, her grandmother Gail took the mix-up well and sent Kimberly a response that left commenters laughing.

The video's sound is set to a popular trend on TikTok that is meant to be filmed as a conversation between two people. Typically, TikTokers play both roles, as was the case with this video.

The TikTok begins with Kim asking the invisible second person: "Have you ever sent an accidental nude to your grandmother?"

As the second person, she responds: "I don't think so, wtf." The camera flips back to the "first" person, and she asks: "Do you want me to describe it to you?"

She then shows viewers the screenshot of her grandmother's hilarious response, which reads: "Kimberly. What is this? This better not have been sent to a man I will disown you!!! Also you need new lingerie — can I take you shopping this week?"

The TikTok was posted with the caption: "And btw get a push up bra while you're at it."


And btw get a push up bra while you’re at it #dating sexting #grandma #excusemygrandma

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Gail's response provided levity to what could have otherwise been a mortifying situation. Commenters loved her directness and thought her response was "hilarious."

"At least your grandma is honest," commented a user named Lauren.

"She's hilarious," said another.

A TikToker named Maddy responded: "Grandma passed the vibe check."

A few commenters were, of course, curious to know if Kim agreed to go shopping with her grandmother.

"Did you let her take you shopping?" someone asked. Kim's response was straight and to the point: "obvi."

One clever commenter likened Gail to Kris Jenner.

"Kris Jenner to Kim Kardashian after her tape leaked," they said.

Kim and Gail frequently post dating-themed videos together to the TikTok account. The two also co-host a dating podcast called, as one might have guessed, Excuse My Grandma.

On the show, Kim shares with Gail and their listeners the details of her dating life. In response, Gail shares her opinions and provides guidance to help Kim better navigate the dating game. The two also share some of this wisdom on their TikTok page.

Some of Gail's best advice? "Good things come in small packages," and "Date someone that wants you."

Woman shocked
A woman on TikTok shared that she accidentally sent nude pictures to her grandmother. The grandmother's response had commenters laughing. fizkes/iStock