Woman Allegedly Offered Weekly $100 Installments to Have Husband Killed

A woman in Pennsylvania allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband and offered to pay $4,000 in weekly installments of $100, according to prosecutors.

Claudia F. Carrion, 44, has been charged with solicitation to commit homicide after being accused of offering an undercover police detective the money to murder her spouse.

Details emerged through a press release from Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin's office and Allentown Police Chief Glenn Granitz, which was shared by Allentown Police Department on Friday.

This said officers received information from a confidential informant that reported a woman was trying to hire a "hitman" to kill her husband. They carried out an undercover operation and authorities said Carrion, of South Delaware Street, Allentown, unwittingly met with the detective on Thursday, June 10.

The release went on to state that she agreed to $4,000 overall but could not afford that in one go, so paid the detective a $100 deposit and agreed to pay the rest off incrementally. After this, Carrion was arrested and taken into custody. She has since been moved to jail.

"The woman, identified as Carrion, met with an undercover Allentown Police Detective. Carrion told the officer that she wanted her husband killed due to alleged abuse," the release stated.

It continued: "However, she was unable to pay for it all up front. The agreed amount was $4,000. Carrion gave the detective $100 as payment on account and promised weekly installments for the balance. She thereafter was taken into custody."

The statement concluded: "As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest has occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation; and the defendant, Claudia Carrion, is presumed innocent unless proven guilty."

WFMZ-TV reported that court records state Carrion "described in detail why she wanted her husband killed," referring to the alleged abuse.

Police allege she admitted to putting down the deposit using $20 bills and agreeing on the future payments, WFMZ-TV reported. It further reported that authorities also alleged she admitted to having unsuccessfully attempted to hire a hitman to kill her husband in the past.

Carrion failed to post bail, which had been set at $500,000. She was sent to Lehigh County Jail ahead of a preliminary hearing due to take place in the near future. This is scheduled for July 8, WFMZ-TV reported. Philly Voice reported that prosecutors did not state whether Carrion's claims of abuse were being investigated.

Newsweek has contacted Allentown Police Department for further comment.

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A stock photo shows a close-up of a male gesturing with a gun. A woman in Allentown has been arrested after allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Getty Images