Woman Alleges 'Creepy' Man Followed Her 5 Miles to Tell Her She's 'Pretty' in Viral Video

A woman sparked a viral debate on TikTok after detailing a recent and upsetting encounter with a stranger. The clip, posted only four days ago, has amassed just over 300,000 views at the time of writing, along with 86,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.

The post, found here, appears to have served as a reminder—and warning—for many viewers, as it highlights the risks vulnerable individuals are forced to take on a daily basis by simply leaving their homes.

"I have had multiple scary encounters and interactions with men and as a woman it's just tiring," TikToker @buzzcutkenny explained to Newsweek.

She revealed her frightening experience in the clip, hyperbolically beginning with: "At this point, I'm sorry, but men just shouldn't have rights."

The story began with the TikToker explaining that she had "just got home" when a car followed her into her apartment complex.

While that in and of itself wasn't cause for alarm, things soon took an odd turn. "This car...wedges itself between me and the parking garage," she said in the video. "There's a man in it...He motions for me to put my window down."

The TikToker, at that point, was confused. "I was like, 'Can I help you?'" she said.

In response, the man reportedly asked her: "Do you live here?" Thinking on her feet, she lies for her safety and tells him she does not. He follows up by asking her if she's from Austin. Again, she lies and said she's in town visiting a friend.

Things got even more uncomfortable: according to @buzzcutkenn, the stranger then admitted that he had been following her in his car for five miles.

"FIVE MILES," repeated the TikToker for emphasis.

Apparently, explained @buzzcutkenn, "he saw me at a stoplight and wanted to tell me I was pretty."

"In what f**king world is that appropriate?" she concluded.

The video is captioned, "I hate males," alongside the hashtags #creepy, #men, and #scarymen.

Viewers flooded the video's comment section with supportive messages—but, at the same time, it appears a handful of commenters took issue with the TikToker's hyperbolic "hatred" of men—which she explained to Newsweek was "not a true belief" but, rather, "a dramatic figure of speech."

TikToker @yesimjudgingudobetter, for example, argued that "women do the same s**t."

"Don't blame all men plz," added @redxape.

Additionally, she told Newsweek that some commenters told her she should take the experience as a compliment. She said: "It was also rather alarming to me how many men were in my comments saying I should be flattered. Flattered? That someone followed me home and blocked me from getting into my garage when I'm a 5'2 110lb very young woman? That's extremely threatening and quite honestly terrifying."

Countless commenters, however, spoke up to reaffirm that the TikToker's situation was alarming—although, unfortunately, not an anomaly. Viewers shared their own stories confirming that these types of experiences are common and representative of broader systemic issues.

"Men don't comprehend the terror they put women through," wrote @deirdreaileen.

Added @mutant_tatertot: "When women generalize men, feelings get hurt. When men generalize women, women get murdered—or worse. Men need to check their privilege & priorities."

"It was ... worth noting how many women were in my comments who have had similar experiences," the TikToker said. "It just doesn't seem to click with men that women aren't here just waiting to be called pretty and become someone's property."

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A TikToker revealed she was approached by a man at her apartment who said he had been following her for five miles in a viral video. The view from a driver's mirror. Adrian Sherratt/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images