Woman Almost Ruins Proposal After Starting Argument Over Rose Petals

A TikToker by the name of Mevlide Ahmeti was helping create an unforgettable beach proposal for her friend when one stranger decided to step in and start an argument. Ahmeti took a video of the exchange and posted part of the altercation to her TikTok page. The now-viral moment has more than six million views, and though the stranger's presence almost "ruined" the proposal entirely, a several-part series of videos show that she eventually left the scene, leaving the romantic event to continue without a hitch.

The video of the stranger is short but to the point. Viewers can hear Ahmeti say, "I'm not having this conversation right now because I'm in the middle of something, but thank you for your concern, I appreciate it." As she says this, Ahmeti pans first to the stranger who is standing on the beach with a child beside her, looking shocked and annoyed. Ahmeti then shows the scene which is very obviously set up for a proposal, with scattered rose petals, candles and large letters that spell out "Marry me."

The stranger chimes in again, not happy with being dismissed, which prompts Ahmeti to say: "Ma'am, we are not going to stop this event for this conversation so please walk away." The video's captions read: "When a Karen tries to ruin your friend's proposal. Smh."

The video left many viewers wanting to know more.

"Where is the rest of it?" asked one commenter. "Part 2?"

"I need more on this, like, what?" said another. "Is she OK?"

Ahmeti posted a second video captioned, "Thank God Karen didn't escalate! Congrats!!" The video shows the moment after the proposal with the happy couple smiling and hugging each other.


Thank god karen didnt escalate!!! Congrats @chefzeee ❤️❤️ #fy #foryou #proposal #love #ottawa #karen #part 2

♬ Marry Me - Jason Derulo

While a lot of people were happy for the couple, many in the comments section of the video bashed Ahmeti and her friend for "trashing the ecosystem."

As previously stated, the proposal took place on a beach, and Ahmeti and the man proposing scattered rose petals along the sand. Many also pointed out that the area appeared to be composed of sand dunes, which are not meant to be walked on, and claimed that the couple was trampling the beach grass.

"The Seagrass/dunes keep the ocean/land separate," said a commenter. "They prevent erosion/flooding. They are important and protected for a reason."

"Jason Derulo AND trashing the ecosystem," said one commenter in regards to the song playing over the video. "Oh...choices were made."

Others also wanted to know if the rose petals were real or fake, as plastic petals are obviously not biodegradable.

Many were also still curious as to what prompted the stranger's anger in the initial video and wanted Ahmeti to answer questions from the negative commenters. So, she made another video addressing all the negative claims, and as it turns out, the stranger and many commenters were upset for the same reasons.


Story time! Thank you guys for helping me help my friend pull this off! & thank you to everyone who supported us🥰 #fy #ottawa #foryou #proposal #2021

♬ original sound - Mevlide Ahmeti

In a TikTok captioned "story time," Ahmeti addressed all of the commenters' concerns.

"Since we've been getting a lot of negative comments, we decided to visit the park today to prove that it wasn't a private property and isn't considered a place with dunes," the voiceover says.

"A lot of you have been asking about what happened prior to the proposal," the TikTok continues. "To give you a background, we hired a professional event planner that knows the regulations surrounding the parks."

She continues to explain that they received confirmation that the beach was public and that they were allowed to set up the event at that specific location. The event planner was also responsible for cleaning up the area after the proposal. The video shows the area entirely free of rose petals, candles, blankets, etc.

Ahmeti also explains that the only sign present was a sign warning about COVID-19, saying that if the area was considered protected—i.e. if the area consisted of dunes, the appropriate signage would have been present.

Regarding the stranger who disrupted the staging process, Ahmeti had this to say: "This individual was walking around the beach and was shouting at us since she was under the impression that the roses were fake and that we were going to leave the mess. After my friend was calmly explaining our plans, she would not listen and kept trying to interrupt the event."

After the stranger saw that the rose petals were real, she left.

"In conclusion, we respect and abide by the city's environmental safety and would never disrupt that in any way."

"People need to learn to mind their business," said a top commenter. "Clearly y'all weren't doing anything wrong."

Before posting her storytime video, Ahmeti created a post encouraging people to visit her friend's TikTok page to see the full proposal.

Thankfully, neither the disruptive beach-goer nor the negative commenters could ruin the happy couple's special day. Check out the full video here.

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One stranger almost ruined a beach proposal after starting an argument about rose petals. The moment was captured on video and posted to TikTok. tawanlubfah/iStock