Woman Angry About Drive-Thru Being Closed Dies in Shootout With Police

A Chicago-area woman was killed in a shootout with police early on Tuesday after making violent threats at a drive-thru. The two police officers involved in the altercation are also reported to have been injured to varying degrees, according to the Associated Press.

Police were called to Baba's Famous Steak & Lemonade in the Chicago suburb of Dolton around 1 a.m. Employees had reported that a woman was upset that the drive-thru was closed for the night and had a gun. Town officials said that the drive-thru had been closed for half an hour prior to the incident.

"She wanted service, even though they were closed," Dolton spokesman Sean Howard said in a statement. "She appeared to be very upset that she couldn't receive service."

When police arrived on the scene, the woman and a male passenger were asked to exit their vehicle. The passenger complied, but the woman attempted to drive away while an officer was trying to remove the keys from the vehicle. This officer was dragged along as she went.

"He was halfway in the vehicle trying to remove her," Howard explained. "That's when she took off."

Chicago Dolton drive thru shooting
A Chicago-area woman is dead following a shootout with police due to a commotion she raised over a closed drive-thru. In this photo, the Chicago skyline is seen photographed from the Adler Planetarium. Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The other officer fired three shots at the vehicle after the woman ran into them and successfully struck her. The woman did not get far, crashing into the Compleat Cyclist bicycle store only a block away. She was later declared dead at the scene. It is unclear at this time whether she died from the crash or the shooting.

Both officers were injured in the altercation. The officer who was dragged along by the woman's car as she fled the scene was said to be "in very, very serious" condition, according to Howard. The other officer who was hit and fired the shots at the car was said to be improving.

The woman's identity has not yet been revealed to the public. Bodycam and nearby surveillance footage have been turned over to the Illinois State Police, who are taking over the investigation. More information about the incident, including the identity of the woman and her official cause of death, will be announced later, pending further investigation.

Newsweek reached out to the town of Dolton for a comment on the incident but did not hear back in time for publication.

Gun violence has recently been on the rise in Chicago. On the night of July 21, notably, four different shootings left three people dead and 20 injured.