Woman Are Pranking Their Husbands With Matching Shirts in Wholesome Viral Craze

A new wholesome trend has recently taken TikTok by storm, and it involves plaid shirts.

That's right, the faithful American wardrobe staple has been having a revival in recent months due to a prank girlfriends and wives have been playing on their other halves.

But what exactly does this trick entail?

Well, many videos have been popping up across the social media platform, showing gatherings where women have sneakily persuaded their partner to wear a new plaid shirt that they have purchased for them.

Then, when they arrive at the event, all other the other men present have also been hoodwinked into donning an identical garment.

Why? Because their sheer excitement at finding that they are dressed the same has been raising smiles all across the app.

One example among the many, shared on New Year's Day by an account called Seakers1, has gained a staggering 2.9 million views.

The clip is captioned: "New Years Prank on our husbands #matchingshirts #newyears2021."

The footage starts by showing a batch order of the same brown and blue plaid shirt, with text explaining: "We bought our husbands matching shirts for New Years and they had no idea..."

What follows is a montage of the husbands looking surprised when they encounter each other, then posing for a very smiley group photo.

The video also garnered 300,100 likes and many comments. One TikTok user, Josefin Lober, typed: "Every one of them is wearing them, cause wifey's said to do it. Love that [so] much."

Another person, Hiva, compared the group to a boyband, typing: "The new One Direction."

Brett gushed: "Oh my god that is the best thing ever."

A woman called Sumalita Ivanov shared her prank, which involved her husband and his five brothers all arriving in the same shirt encouraged by their wives.

In the footage, the group all gather wearing blue and white plaid, then begin shouting, as one exclaims: "What's happening, is this a joke?"

Delighted, they immediately begin conga-lining around the room, dancing and cheering in glee.

The video, which was shared on January 13, has already gained 7.7 million views and 1.7 million likes.

One TikToker, Summer.dawn.merrie, commented: "They were so happy about it! this was my favorite one so far. I love their bond."

Samantha Strayn agreed, adding: "This has been my favorite so far!!! I love it!!! Awesome family!!" alongside a string of laughing-face and love-heart emojis.

Additionally, an account called Jesslinence recieved 20.2 million views by sharing her attempt at the prank on TikTok.

In the clip, the men can all be seen high-fiving and hugging as the enter the event, and one shouts: "Are you kidding me?"

This prompted one TikToker, Samantha Mooney, to comment: "Now get them matching shirts saying "are you kidding me?"

As far as pranks go, this one seems to make everyone happy!

Plaid shirts
A stock image of hanging shirts. TikTok videos of prank involving plaid shirts have been making many, many people happy. iStock

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