Woman Attaches Unsolicited Nude Photo From Coworker to Office Email

A woman's tactic to address the messages she received from her coworker has gone viral and was supported on Reddit's "Am I the A**hole."

Reddit user u/businessbittch wrote in her post, which received more than 16,000 votes, that after she received "inappropriate" texts from her married coworker, she responded to them on her work email during business hours with the images attached. Although her coworker was angered by her response, many commenters said she did the right thing, and she was encouraged to also follow up with the company's human resources department.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SRHM) discussed the different circumstances in which a manager may reach out to the HR department.

Instances like complaints about pay, leave requests and workplace violence are a few cases that require the attention of the HR department. It may also get involved when an employee is accused of "wrongdoing" by fellow employees.

"[Managers] should also report alleged violations of core employer policies that may have material legal and business consequences, such as conflict of interest policies, business ethics standards or codes of conduct," the piece published by SHRM stated.

In her post, the Redditor explained that her coworker texted her late at night and suggested that the two get together, insinuating that they were both interested in one another, which she refuted. She noted that he sent a nude photograph.

She ignored his message when she received it, but he sent several other texts and apologized to her, claiming he was drunk.

"Then saying he hadn't said it how he wanted to but was still into me and had a feeling I felt the same," she wrote.

When they returned to work, she wrote him an email, which included the messages and photos she received from him. She asked that he only contact her through work channels during business hours.

"Additionally, I found the content of your messages unwelcome and inappropriate," u/businessbittch concluded. "Please only contact me regarding work."

She said he was angry and texted her that she "crossed a line" by including the photo he sent to her on her work email.

The Redditor screenshotted that text and sent it back to him via email, reiterating that he should only contact her regarding work matters through work channels.

When he stopped by her desk, she told him she wasn't available for a discussion, but he should schedule a meeting for any work matters.

"I feel like I was a bit of a b***h in dealing with it when maybe I could have told him to cut it out by text," u/businessbittch said. "But I'm also f*****g sick of dealing with this s**t at every job, and I feel like my patience to use my own time and energy to gently ask guys to cool it is worn thin."

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Commenters under a viral post supported a woman's way of addressing inappropriate messages she received from a coworker. fizkes/iStock

Commenters reassured her that her response was not the problem, but she should take it a step further.

"Go to HR immediately," one Redditor urged.

Another wrote that she had already given him "so many chances," but he continued to push the boundaries she set in place.

"Do not let him continue to harass you," they commented.

A commenter suggested that if this was not addressed by HR, the coworker may retaliate.

"Be careful because a man that gets badly embarrassed like this may lash out and get nasty," another commenter wrote. "So, while this is brilliant...take care of yourself."

The Redditor edited her post and added that while she considered waiting before she spoke with the HR department, she said she plans to forward the emails to them, write up the conversation they had at her desk and request a meeting with them to discuss the next steps.

Newsweek reached out to u/businessbittch for further comment but did not hear back in time for publication.