Woman Backed for Not Wanting Sister's 'Cheating' Fiancé at Grad Party

The internet has defended a woman for refusing to invite her sister's "cheating" fiancé to her graduation party.

A Redditor under the username u/stacko- took her story to Reddit's infamous "AmITheA**hole" forum to let people determine if she was in the wrong. The viral post has 7,000 upvotes and 400 comments.

The 22-year-old Reddit user explains that she doesn't like her sister's fiancé "David." She also stated that her family doesn't like him either due to the way he acted when they met him for the first time.

She wrote, "He was just a very rude guy who didn't seem to have any manners at all. Literally the first time I met him, he said my sister got all the looks in the family as a joke."

Since her sister knows the original poster (OP) doesn't like him, she stopped bringing him up. However, a few months ago she, along with her family, found out that he cheated on her with his ex, whom he has three kids with. She decided to leave him—for one day. Despite being sad to see her sister upset, u/stacko- was glad that she left him. Less than a day later, he went to her and proposed while giving a speech about how much she loved her. She said yes.

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Sisters arguing
The internet has defended a Redditor for not wanting sister's "cheating" fiancé at her graduation party. iStock / Getty Images Plus/AntonioGuillem

Since her graduation party is two weeks away, her sister called to see what "they" should bring. She was confused as she thought she made it clear that she didn't want David to come.

"The last time I saw him, we had a fight because my sister sent him to pick something up from my house, but he was 'busy' so he sent his friend. A friend who I literally exposed for stalking me when I was in high school. He used to harass me to date him and would literally drive to my high school to stare at me for a while, then leave," the Redditor explained.

"I had so much anxiety for so many years because of him. David knew damn well this guy used to stalk me when I was in high school, but he still sent him to my house and now that a**hole has my address. When I called him out, he said I was being dramatic and that I like making a big deal out of everything," she continued.

When she told her sister that she didn't want David at her graduation party, her sister thought she was "being unreasonable" and she should expect the couple together from now on. The Redditor agreed, adding that they both shouldn't come.

"She said I was being a b**ch and that after all we've been through as sisters, I'm 'letting hate win'. I feel like I'm quite justified in not wanting him to attend to be honest," she concluded.

Redditors were quick to back the Reddit user in the comments.

"There's excluding someone's fiance because of petty bullshit, and then there's excluding someone's fiance because said fiance gave your stalker your home address. If your sister is upset, maybe she shouldn't marry someone who is an a** to her and her family," u/grumpyspudgal received the top comment with 10,000 upvotes.

U/ShadowCoon wrote, "People are not obligated nor required to get along with the partners of friends and family members and the sooner your sister learns and accepts that reality, the better. The 'we come as a pair' excuse is nonsense and anyone entering adulthood has to let go of that childishness."

"Your party, your guest list. If your sister wants to come celebrate your achievement without her SO, then she is welcome to. If she can't go anywhere without him, then you gave the exact right response of 'that's completely fine, and that the pair of them can simply not attend my party then.' It's not about letting hate win, it's about having people around you to make your celebration more joyous, and he doesn't qualify," u/jammy913 exclaimed.

"David sounds toxic. I hope your sister ditches this loser before she gets married to him," u/TrentRockport420 said.