Woman Baffled by 'Riddle' of Smashed Glass Which Doesn't Fit Back Together

A woman was baffled after finding a glass had smashed in the dishwasher, but the shard didn't fit the cup.

We've all broken crockery before, and while most of us sweep it up to chuck away, this sliver in particular caught the eye of its owner.

TikToker @dontgetcaughtsleeping shared a clip to her TikTok account, after coming across the mess when emptying the machine.

She reached out to an authority on all things science, Hank Green, saying: "Ok so riddle me this, this cup broke in the dishwasher this is the shard we found, exhibit A."

Don't Get Caught Sleeping, thought to be from the U.S., films the broken piece, which looks like it fits the gap, but it's the wrong way round.

"It's rounded so it's supposed to go like that with the lip of the cup on top, and that's the way that it would fit, but that's the inverted part. How do you make it fit in the cup? It doesn't fit.

"The question is, does broken glass invert in the dishwasher," she said.

The clip, uploaded earlier in December, amassed more than 6 million views, as people scratched their heads over the near-perfectly mismatched pieces.

Cracking a joke, Steve Shoppe wrote: "That part of the glass never really fit in. It's not being its true self."

Sam commented: "Congrats! You found a glitch in the Matrix."

"Well thanks, now I can't sleep," Paris Nicholson said.

Clay Moss thought: "The moment the cup broke two timelines merged and those two pieces are one from each timeline"

Casslyn added: "Maybe fell to the bottom and got heat warped? Lol idk."

Not satisfied with the lack of explanation, Don't Get Caught Sleeping did "a proper search and rescue," and discovered another shard of glass in the dishwasher.

In a follow-up clip, posted on Saturday, she said: "Look what I m*****f***ing just found in the dishwasher."

It was a mirror image of the shard she'd already found, and finally fit the broken glass.

As she studied the various pieces, she posted a third clip declaring she was "calling all math majors" to help them figure out the logic puzzle.


Reply to @danpovenmire with a comment from Dr. Doofenshmirtz himself we needed to do a proper search and rescue. I blame perry the platypus. #pt2

♬ original sound - dontgetcaughtsleeping

"And I guess this is part 3? Please let us know what the chances of this happening are... our 3 Michigan degrees can't figure it out," she wrote.

This time she films the broken glass with both shards, saying: "We're back again, so we did not really believe it at first.

"Would you look at this, two pieces of glass. What is the probability of this happening, math majors?"

A fourth video may finally explain the bizarre broken glasses, as she opened up her dishwasher to find yet another broken cup, with the same size chunk missing from the side.

It seems the appliance was cracking glasses in the exact same location, meaning all the shards looked nearly identical.

"This has to be a joke, we have like two left," she said, indicating they'd nearly run out of glassware.

The explanation video, shared on Sunday, was captioned: "We would like to start a go fund me for plastic cups or a new dishwasher."


and i guess this is part 3? please let us know what the chances of this happening are… our 3 michigan degrees can’t figure it out. #glasschallenge

♬ original sound - dontgetcaughtsleeping

In the comments she admitted they never quite got the bottom of the various shards, as she added: "This is in fact a new, third broken glass. Or second we still don't know where the first shard came from."

Glasses are one of the most commonly used utensils in a kitchen, but cleaning brand Finish warned to always check your glasses are dishwasher friendly, and to wash "delicate" glassware at a low temperature.

Sharing some tips, it advised not to let glasses touch each other, and added: "Allow your glassware to cool in the washing machine before removing them."

That may have explained why Don't Get Caught Sleeping's glasses kept breaking, as the TikTok video shows them in the lower rack.

But Finish warned: "Load your glasses onto the top rack, away from any other dishes."

Newsweek reached out to Don't Get Caught Sleeping for comment.

File photo of broken glass.
File photo of broken glass. A woman was baffled after finding broken shards of a cup that didn't fit back together. author/Getty Images

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