Woman In Bikini Attacks Man In Hotel Lobby After He Was Helped First in Viral Video

A video of a physical altercation between three Hilton hotel guests is going viral on Twitter and viewers are angry about how the situation was dealt with.

Montrell Bingham, who goes by @monty_sexton on Twitter, shared footage of the altercation that occurred on December 30 at the Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana.

After uploading the footage to his personal Twitter on January 1, Bingham received more than 836,000 views, 5,400 retweets, and 1,500 comments on the video.

According to Bingham, the incident started after a woman became angry that a customer received service first because he was a Diamond Hilton member. In the video, a woman in a bikini was yelling at several Hilton employees as her partner also approached.

"Drunk Racist Man and woman mad because he's Gold Or Diamond Hilton member and therefore gets service before everyone else," the caption of the video read. "Hotel staff just sitting by and letting the racist woman do whatever, mind you she already touched him prior."

In the video, Bingham could be heard telling the staff that they were not helping the situation because they had not removed the woman or her partner from the area.

"Y'all haven't de-escalated the situation because she's still right there talking," King said, referring to the woman. "Y'all are supposed to separate the party."

The woman's partner, who was allegedly drunk, began telling the man that they were in line first. Quickly, the situation escalated as the woman approached the man standing at the desk and threw her hands around his neck. The man was able to free himself from her grasp as staff attempted to intervene.

The man then approached the woman's partner, who was allegedly drunk, and punched him in the face causing him to fall to the floor seemingly unconscious. The man then calmly walked back to the desk as staff attempted to restrain the woman.

In the comments of the video, a user named @slyfoxnyc who goes by HL on Twitter, replied to the video claiming to be the man who was initially attacked.

In his comment, HL requested that Bingham send the video with him so he could send to Hilton headquarters.

"Because of this security failure the couple had the police waiting outside looking for me for hours," HL explained. "I couldn't stay at the hotel that night because they lied saying I attacked them. Thanks for recording."

Bingham told Newsweek that he witnessed the physical altercation when he went down to the lobby to get his room key. He said he immediately noticed a scene in the lobby when he got out of the elevator.

He explained that when he got out of the elevator, he witnessed the woman and her partner yelling at the Black man who was standing at the desk.

"I wasn't going to get involved until I heard the racial slurs the woman started to use," Bingham told Newsweek. "I pulled out my cell phone only after the white woman got in his face and noticed the hotel staff continued to allow her to do as she pleased, not removing the aggressor."

After the woman was unrestrained by staff, she once again approached the man standing in line. A Hilton employee then ushered the man away from the scene as he shook his head.

In the background of the video, Bingham could be heard saying how "unacceptable" it was that the woman was not removed from the lobby by security.

"I was honestly scared for the black dude because I knew he was from America And didn't have anybody to support him and hold the others accountable," Bingham told Newsweek. "So I figured I would record as proof."

Bingham said he was told by the front office manager that they did not restrain the woman because she was wearing a bikini.

"However that's no excuse when she started using racial epithets," Bingham said.

In another reply to the video, HL claimed the woman and her partner attempted to cut him in the Diamond member line and the man began referring to him with racial slurs.

As of December 3, Bingham said Hilton had still not gotten in contact with him regarding the altercation.

A spokesperson for the Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana said that they are aware of the video and "continue to cooperate with the police on their investigation.

Woman fights man at Hilton Hotel
The viral video which circulated Twitter showed a woman in a bikini physically grabbing a hotel guest. Many viewers were confused why the woman was not removed from the area before the situation escalated. TWITTER: @monty_sexton

In August, Hilton Hotels found themselves in hot water after a video showing a Hilton employee in Atlanta, Georgia hitting a guest over the head with a service phone began circulating social media.

However, a hotel spokesperson told Fox5 that the viral video does not tell the entire story or show the part where the employee was also attacked.

According to Chris Daly, a hotel spokesperson, the customer was yelling at the employee over a dispute with the bill. Daly said the employee then attempted to call 911 with the phone before the customer "reached over, lunged, and attacked the front desk associate."

That was when the employee began hitting her in the head with the phone and ripped her wig off. But after viewing the video in its entirety, the hotel says it stands by the employee, Fox5 reported.