Woman Branded 'Catfish' Hilariously Calculates Tinder Match's Real Height From His Photos

A Tinder dater's hilarious takedown of a man who dubbed her a "catfish" on the app has gone viral, after she used cunning tactics to figure out his height.

The 28-year-old writer and comedian Paris Campbell took to her TikTok account on November 12 to share the exchange, with her video gaining over 700,000 likes.

After the user named Will "superliked" Campbell, he sent her a message calling her a "catfish," she said. Catfishing is deceiving someone online by pretending to be someone you are not.

Campbell shared what appeared to be screenshots from their interaction and explained that she was not wearing makeup in the photo that had prompted Will's comment. She also compared her real-time face to the image—displaying no difference.

"When I went to go learn more about the man of my dreams, he only wrote that he was 6'1. Six one? Wow, so tall," she said, showing his profile's description.

Campbell took it upon herself to discover which one of the pair was really the catfish. Using the average size of a coffee cup, which Will is holding in one of his photos, she scaled it against his body and calculated how tall it would make him.

"It started as a silly thought after reading his profile which only said "6'1", but then I started measuring various objects and realized they all consistently came out to 70 inches (5 10")," Campbell told Newsweek.

She then did the same with a pair of sunglasses he had hanging from the neck of his shirt in another photo—and came to the same conclusion that Will appeared to be 5'10".

"Height doesn't matter btw, but lying and being rude does," she captioned the video.

"I knew he was negging," said Campbell in an email. "We both had verified Tinder profiles, so I didn't think his accusation of catfish was genuine. I found this tactic manipulative and distasteful. This was confirmed after posting the video and finding out that he had sent the same message ('catfish') to multiple other women."


not the pot calling the kettle black (height doesn’t matter btw, but lying & being rude does) #tinder #dating #nyc #catfish

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Of course, using an iPhone ruler and average sizes of household items to work out someone's height isn't necessarily super-accurate, so it's perfectly plausible that neither Will nor Campbell are Tinder "catfishes."

Campbell later confirmed in a comment that "approximately 10 hours after posting this, our dear William unmatched me. Thoughts and prayers."

The video has taken the internet by storm, amassing over 3 million views and being shared to various social media platforms.

"Teachers should use this as an example when someone says they're never going to need the math they learn in school," wrote one user.

"I am following this soap opera, well done," commented another viewer.

Many viewed the clip as evidence of just how much research women on dating apps are willing to undertake. "The FBI works hard but women on dating apps work harder," joked one user.

Asked by Newsweek why she decided to share the encounter, Campbell put it simply: "Oversharing about my personal life/dating life is something I do often."

Update 12/02/2021, 5:45 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add comments from Paris Campbell.