Woman Breaks, Throws Yard Sign at Hispanic Neighbors, Residents Say She Has History of Harassment

Miguel Rios and Luvia Roman are faced with the difficult situation of living next door to a woman who has allegedly harassed them repeatedly.

The couple lives in Indianapolis and Roman told Newsweek that they purchased their home about a year and a half ago. Since moving in, they've had multiple problems with their neighbor, including having the health department, narcotics and child protective services called to their home.

Roman explained that part of her believes it's been a targeted attempt to get them to move because they're Hispanic, but the woman also had problems with people in the neighborhood who are white. Roman posted a video of Sunday's confrontation on Facebook, during which the woman is seen pulling a "no trespassing" sign out of the grass, snapping it over her knee and throwing the pieces at Rios.

"Touch me, I'll kill you," she tells Rios, who advised her to calm down.

The woman then takes a second "no trespassing" sign and does the same thing, snapping it in two and throwing it at the couple. She calls the couple "trash" and Roman encouraged her to call the police and have them come to the neighborhood. At least one other neighbor can be heard yelling from what appears to be across the street and the woman tells her to go "back in her f**king house" before making an obscene gesture.

Roman told Newsweek that there have been disputes over property lines in the past and to resolve the issue, she purchased the signs, the woman agreed to have them put up and a police officer put them in the woman's yard.

However, on Friday night, when Rios and Roman came back from dinner, the signs had been thrown in their driveway. On Sunday, while Rios was cleaning his car, he put the signs back up in her yard, where the officer had placed them, which is when the confrontation ensued.

indiana woman sign racist
"No Trespassing" signs are seen on Luvia Roman's driveway. Luvia Roman

Roman and Rios aren't the only ones in the neighborhood to feel threatened by the woman and Corey Banks, who lives across the street and witnessed the encounter, told WFTS that she's called him the n-word multiple times.

Another neighbor told WFTS that the woman has harassed multiple neighbors who are minorities and one family ended up breaking their lease and moving out because the woman made living there "unbearable."

The situation has now escalated to the point that Rios is scared for his and his family's life and doesn't believe they should have to live like this. While the couple thought about pressing charges, they decided not to because they were told the case was closed. Police advised Roman to take the videos of the encounter to police headquarters and ask to have the case reviewed, but added that there's not a lot they can do.

"I've had videos for every time we call," Roman told Newsweek. "But, [the police] say they have to catch her while she's doing it, which has never happened."

Police told her to record the incidents on her phone, but Roman added that even with the video they're always told there's nothing that can be done. The couple has even thought about moving, but when they met with their realtor to discuss it, they realized they'd have to start the entire home buying process over again, which Roman said is too much.

Fortunately, Roman explained to Newsweek that the neighborhood seems to be on their side and she's had neighbors she's never even met stop by her house to voice their support. They've encouraged her not to move because they believe it's time something is done about the situation.