Video Showing Woman Building Tent Out of Plastic Wrap in Forest Sparks Fury

A video showing a woman constructing a makeshift tent in a forest using 10 rolls of plastic wrapping has been widely condemned online.

The clip went viral after being shared to Twitter by ER doctor and medical toxicologist Josh Trebach, MD, though the video itself was put together by an as yet unidentified creator.

Trebach posted the footage alongside a caption that reads: "It's not camping unless u bring 10 jumbo rolls of plastic wrap." At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 9.5 million times, sparking a raft of angry reactions.

Commonly used to store food items, plastic wrapping poses a major environmental headache, with the Plastic Pollution Coalition estimating six times more plastic waste is burned in the U.S. than is recycled.

Worse still, figures published by National Geographic estimate that, in 2019 alone, 5.3 million Americans used 10 or more rolls or plastic wrapping.

Perhaps that's what makes this particular viral video such a difficult watch. In the clip, an unnamed woman shows viewers how to build a water-proof tent between four trees using 10 large rolls of plastic wrapping.

While she is able to achieve her aim in the sped-up 2 minute and 51 second clip, the results did not elicit much in the way of joy for those watching via Trebach's reshare of the video.

Trebach himself commented on the clip, writing: "Friendly reminder that you can get a hammock for $5 and not waste a ton of energy and plastic."

Newsweek has contacted Trebach for comment.

One Twitter user, posting as revlaurelj, was baffled by the video. "All of that plastic is going to end up in the ocean. Why not just buy a reusable hammock and tent?" they wrote.

Abandonedameric joked: "It's weird, I don't usually hope people get eaten by bears this much," while scib0rg wrote: "Girl, invest in a f***ing tent. They go up in minutes, fit in a backpack, and are reusable."

Xeniaangel2020 was furious at what they saw, writing: "I'm thinking about every little piece of plastic I'm using or not and she wastes horrible masses IN THE FOREST! What the hell is wrong with this stupid girl who wants to see her children grow in which future???"

BasqueinAmerica retweeted the clip, commenting sarcastically: "Damn, I wonder how microplastics get everywhere??" while heisenchester wrote: "maybe we, as a species, deserve to go extinct."

HorlockWarlock called it "the biggest waste of plastic I've ever seen," while RealYouTubeKids said: "I feel like just by watching this I have somehow contributed to the death of roughly 37 sea turtles."

Alongside the comments several pictures surfaced appearing to show a similar structure made out of plastic wrapping that appeared to have been left abandoned in an unspecified area of woodland.

Another user, meanwhile, shared a picture of what appeared to be a similar tent-like structure, this time built out of aluminum wrap.

One Twitter user, posting as SwampCommunist, claimed the video was created purely for clicks. "This isn't about camping, it's about content creation. Nobody has ever camped this way," they said. "The woman making this video did not camp like this. She made a video and then probably drove home."

Several people also pointed to the existence of a similar video, shared to YouTube by Os Bushcraft and Survival in 2020, which showcased an almost identical structure being built.

The video, titled: "Amazing Bushcraft Tent made from Plastic Wrap!" has been viewed over 50 million times.

A plastic see-through tent.
Stock image of a plastic see-through tent - a video showing a woman using 10 rolls of plastic wrapping to build a tent has sparked anger. Maria Symchych-Navrotska/Getty