Rude Man's Dating App Messages Go Viral as Example of 'Incel' Behavior

As any singleton will know, the dating scene can be murky waters—and it can often seem as though all good fish in the sea have been gobbled up.

Despite this, during the pandemic more and more people have been turning to dating apps for their shot at finding love.

However, this can also be disappointing, as one woman recently showcased when sharing screenshots of a conversation she had with a Bumble match to her Twitter page.

Journalist Natalia Antonova posted the exchange alongside the caption: "Happy anniversary to this great moment in incel history."

Incel is a term short for "involuntary celibate," which began as a misogynistic internet subculture.

The conversation thread begins with the man messaging Antonova on Instagram, explaining that he had swiped right to try to match her on the dating app Bumble.

He then wrote: "You never swiped back though so I wondered if you'd respond if I found you on Instagram. I'm not offended just think that it's a little shallow of you."

When the writer asks him to clarify, the man then continues: "You harshly judged my Bumble profile, then the second you saw that I'm funny and I can cook, you let me talk to you."

A perplexed Antonova then replies: "Harshly judged? I honestly don't remember ever coming across you on Bumble. So whatever it is you've just assumed, it's weird and wrong."

The exchange got more shocking when the unnamed man then typed: "Is this your way of implying that you get so many matches on Bumble that you don't remember me? Scandalous!"

Happy anniversary to this great moment in incel history

— Natalia Antonova (@NataliaAntonova) May 18, 2021

When Antonova explained this wasn't scandalous, the Instagram user wrote: "Way to make a guy feel good about himself."

At this point the writer got understandably irritated, adding: "It's not my job to flatter you. Especially after you called me shallow. Piece of advice: Acting insecure and rudely demanding validation is not how you get girls."

The man then turned nasty, writing: "You're just an aging single mom anyway, whatever."

However, Antonova kept her cool, wittily responding: "Sure am! That's why you got upset with me on Bumble, tracked me down on Instagram, came up with a clever response to me, got into my DMs, blew it by being a douchebag, and are now mad about it. Cool life."

Unbelievably, he then wrote: "OK I apologize for that comment. Can I buy you dinner?"

The screenshots were tweeted on May 18, and have since received more than 115,900 likes and 7,672 retweets.

Many commented on the post to share their thoughts on the exchange.

One Twitter user, @louisezus, wrote: "Firstly the creepiness is deranged but also I literally cannot bare when men act like they're doing you a favour by dating you when you're a single mum like...literally no one is forcing you."

Another person, @defnottori_, added: "This reminds me of the guy that called me a fat, psychotic wh**e and asked me a week later if he wanted to come over for dinner as an 'apology'."

A third, @_asherdoodle, commented: "This actually insane. People are insane. Being single is hard, but my god if this is the alternative."

Woman using dating app
A stock image of a woman's hands using a dating app. In the Twitter post, a woman handled a rude exchange with a man with a witty response. Getty Images

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