Woman Calls Out Cheaters' Best Kept Internet Secret in Viral Video With 2M Views

A video is going viral as a woman exposes a misleading account on Instagram. The page seems innocent at first, but things quickly take a seductive turn. The clip, posted by @gmoneyy120_Grace, has already amassed more than 2 million views and 269k likes.

In the 15-second video, @gmoneyy120_Grace shows the Instagram page that appears to show a page of cute dogs. However innocent it may seem, one swipe over and there are photos of women. This seems to be a scheme used by people to secretly like pictures of other women without their significant other knowing.

Cheating (or thoughts of) in a relationship isn't very rare, and the rise of the internet hasn't helped with this. Shocking statistics show that 60 percent of affairs start at work. 56 percent of men state that they are happy in their marriage even when they are unfaithful, while women landed around 34 percent. It's unclear how many affairs begin online, but with technology moving at warp speed, it's likely high.

There are many websites that can be used in cheating situations. A popular example is Ashley Madison. People typically use this site to find others that are looking for something outside of a relationship. According to an article published by Juneau Empire, over 60 million people are on the website. It was also stated that there are more women on the website than men. Back in 2015, the website was hacked and exposed many users personal information.

TikTok user exposes cheaters best kept secret Instagram account fizkes/iStock / Getty Images Plus

@gmoneyy120_Grace posted a video displaying the exact Instagram account to warn people of the strategy, and many are not happy. The "friendly dog" account currently has 118k followers and counting. She captioned the video, "The fact that men go this far is disgusting." With the exposure of the plan, it shows potential cheaters that anyone can get caught. With over 8,000 comments, many users stated their opinions.

The post's top comment with more than 27k likes by @Anita said, "But why not put this energy into a job or sum?"

"bruv i would be less mad if they just followed the model. This is insane," @Hannaconda exclaimed. @gmoneyy120_Grace responded. "Exactly."

"Anything but loyal smh," @Gabi wrote.

@Chloe added, "Going through the followers and sending screenshots to their girlfriends."

More users commented their disgust, calling the account embarrassing and sad.

On the other hand, this created some debate. Some users argued that the content of these videos could also be the other way around. @James commented, "Generally speaking it's a weirdo/toxic relationship problem."