Woman Calls Out 'Creepy Old Guy' Caught Staring at Her at Gym in Viral Video

A woman has been praised for calling out a "creepy old guy" caught staring at her at the gym in a now-viral video with over 17 million views.

The video, found here, was posted to TikTok last month by personal trainer Heidi Aragon (@fit_with_heidi), who wrote: "Don't sit there and tell me you're not doing something when I have proof."

At the beginning of the video, a man can be seen staring at Aragon as he makes his way over to a piece of equipment near her.

"This creepy old guy at the gym kept coming over and staring at me," said the video's narrator. "So, I asked my husband and he came over and worked out next to me."

In the next frame, the man can be seen sitting on a piece of equipment, staring at Aragon as she stands at her station. Her husband immediately walks over and begins lifting weights while Aragon does a set of squats. However, this didn't stop the man from staring.

"Even after he [her husband] came over, he [the old guy] continued to stare," the narrator continued.

As the man works out in the background, he watches Aragon.

Aragon re-positions the camera so that the man is no longer in the frame, but she turns to face where he was last seen working out and stares in his direction.

"I decided to stop working out and stare back," said the narrator. She stares for several seconds before continuing to work out. But, things don't end there.

According to the narration, the man continued to stare. So, Aragon walks off camera to confront him.

"I told him if he's gonna work out in this corner he needed to stop staring and making me uncomfortable," the narration alleged. "His response was: 'I'm just looking around.'"

"I then told him I record my workouts and I have him on film," the narration continued. "He shut up real quick."

Newsweek reached out to Aragon for comment.

Aragon isn't the first TikToker in recent months made to feel uncomfortable at the gym.

Last week, Anna Archer confronted a man who she claimed: "kept walking across the platform where I was working out."

When Archer called the man out on it, he replied by telling her to "move forward" while squatting. He refused to move away from the platform, so Archer left the gym.

In October, a woman named Chelsie Gleason shared a video that showed her shutting down a man who was harassing her at the gym. She told Newsweek that the man consistently approached her at the gym to comment on her form or "how she looked."

The interactions hit a boiling point in October when the man approached Gleason while she was lifting weights. She tried to ignore him, but he got in her face, prompting her to drop her weight and shout: "don't come near me."

The video has racked up more than 50 million views.

And last month, a TikToker named Anastasia Alexander called out a man at the gym who she said called her a "dumb c**t" because she was in the stretching spot he wanted.

In the video, the man alleged: "I said 'get out of my face'...I said 'you should move over to the side.'"

Many of Aragon's viewers praised her for confronting the "creepy old guy."

"CALL THEM OUT," wrote hailee2wolfe.

"I freaking love that you turned around and stared back," commented Monica Gallup.

"Normalize yelling at creeps in public," expressed Crowns Coven of Eclecticism.

"Good for you for having the confidence to go over and talk to him!" exclaimed Brandy Besler.

In response to some commenters blaming the man's actions on the Aragon's clothing, F33linSos0 said: "It doesn't matter: what she wears, if you know her, if you think she's cute, it does not give you the right to sexualize and stare period end of story."

Woman working out
A woman has been praised for calling out a “creepy old guy” caught staring at her at the gym in a now-viral video with over 17 million views. Many commenters praised the woman for confronting the man make her feel uncomfortable. Ridofranz/istock