Woman With Camera Falls Trying to Get the Perfect Engagement Shot in Hilarious Video

One woman's failed attempt to catch her sister's engagement on camera has Twitter hysterical.

On Tuesday, a user by the name of Fred Schultz posted a 55-second video clip captioned, "Getting the perfect engagement photo isn't easy...wait for it. "The footage, which was shared by Lucille Scheepers on Facebook earlier, begins as three people—a blonde woman in a patterned dress, a bearded man in a gray T-shirt and taupe cargo shorts, and a ponytailed woman in a blue T-shirt and purple shorts—file onto a rock-strewn beach and take off their shoes to walk barefoot.

The second woman wields a camera, suggesting that she was designated to take pictures. She was identified as a local woman named Celine Edwards by the South African radio station Jacaranda FM.

Edwards told Jacaranda FM that she is a chef rather than a photographer. "It is my sister and I just wanted to take a video of the engagement," she said.

In the footage, the three trudge a short way down the beach with romantic music in the background, smiles on all faces. Then, with the ponytailed woman to his back, the man faces the blonde woman and takes out what appears to be a tiny box.

Seconds after he does so, however, Edwards trips over a rock and falls down, sending up a shower of sand in the process. The blonde woman looks over in alarm before she and the man embrace lovingly.

But either fate or gravity has more in store. When Edwards attempts to stand, arms windmilling, she again loses her balance and face-plants into the sand. But she proves adept at making the best of a bad situation. Sitting up, she whips out her camera and begins filming as the man drops to one knee and apparently asks the blonde woman to marry him.

Getting the perfect engagement photo isn’t easy...wait for it. 😏😜😂 pic.twitter.com/wygCtxZd6y

— Fred Schultz (@fred035schultz) May 11, 2021

The tweeted clip has been watched more than 500,000 times and liked more than 13,000 times since it was posted yesterday morning.

"This pic has me deddddd," one user wrote, attaching an image of a skeleton for effect.

"This is absolutely amazing- funny and adorable! Memorable and beautiful!! I love her giggling and yet the couple keeps going. May their life together be filled with blessings!" another enthused.

However, some users felt bad for laughing at Edwards's plight.

"Oh...oh wow, I'm going to hell for laughing at this...," one user mused. "I'm sorry but this was the funniest thing I watched," another confessed.

That said, Edwards had her fair share of fans, too. Many complimented her dedication to her assigned task.

"I love that woman. She falls down and even if she doesn't get right back up, she will sit there and still do her job. That's a friend for life. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!" one user commented.

"Bless her heart, she still kept trying to capture the couple's special moment for them," another observed.

Others advised the couple to commission someone else to take pictures of their actual wedding.

Man proposing on beach as photographer falls.
A man apparently proposes on a beach. In the background, the photographer, who fell for a second time moments before, can be seen lying on the sand. Twitter/@fred035schultz