Woman Causes Stir Online Over Boyfriend's 'Cheap' Homemade Gift

A woman's implication that her boyfriend was cheap after receiving a handmade wooden-framed picture frame for Valentine's Day has caused conflict with her partner as well as an uproar online.

The woman recounted the situation on Reddit in the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" on February 14 under u/throwtri434346. The post is titled, "AITA For 'implying' that my boyfriend is cheap because of the V-day gift he got me?" The post has over 11,000 upvotes and over 4,000 comments, and the majority think the original poster (OP) is the a**hole in the situation, while others defended the woman.

The OP has been with her boyfriend, who is a single father with two boys, for two years. She said he has a "decent job with decent income." He also has a hobby of woodworking.

Normally in Valentine's past, as well as birthdays and other celebrations, the OP's partner would give her "mostly jewelry," and she would get him gadgets or sports gear. This year, the OP bought her boyfriend sneakers.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans were expected to spend $23.9 billion in 2022 on Valentine's Day, which was up from last year to $21.8 billion. It's also the second-highest year for spending. Consumers were expected to spend $175.41 on average per person on Valentine's Day gifts.

The OP revealed she learned that her partner's gift was a handmade wooden-framed photo of himself, the OP, and the kids. She revealed: "I gotta say I wasn't thrilled with it. When I told my boyfriend my honest opinion [I didn't wanna open my mouth, but he pushed me], he said he couldn't believe this was my reaction. But I pointed out that he has money too for a $200 necklace at least so I could wear it at the engagement party."

Gift wrapped with bow
A woman caused a stir online over her boyfriend's "cheap" homemade gift. Here, a gift-wrapped with a bow. NERUDOL/GETTY

Things didn't end there though. The OP's partner said she was out of line implying he was being cheap when he wanted to make her a "special gift," plus the kids helped with it "and put so much thought and effort in it" as they see her as family.

The OP assured him she was appreciative, but she still thought her partner could have included a necklace "as a great combo." He became more angry, saying he "couldn't understand" why the OP would put a value on a necklace the same or more than a gift he and the kids made for her.

The OP said her partner went upstairs and wouldn't speak to her. "I feel like he blew this out of proportion since he asked for my opinion, and I don't know if he has the right to be upset with me now," she concluded.

The majority of Redditors weighing in believed the OP was in the wrong for her reaction to the gift, with the words "entitled" and "gold digger" being thrown around.

One comment, which received over 35,000 upvotes, asked the OP if she doesn't have enough jewelry yet, and they also asked how many necks she has. "Yeah, he has more than a right to be upset with you," they reasoned. "Wear an old necklace, and appreciate what you have with this man and his kids. YTA."

Harsh words came rolling in for the woman. Another Redditor assumed the OP's partner made the frame, which takes time and effort. "Every minute of the project he would be thinking of you... Then he found a photo of him and his kids and you," a user pointed out. "He is literally presenting you with an image of you as part of his family, and you're complaining as it's not worth a lot." They also questioned, "Entitled much?"

Another Redditor thought the OP was the one in the wrong, saying their partner's gift "is awesome and amazing," adding "The fact that you're upset because of the dollar value is sad. There are things in life that are more important than money."

Some people even used the words "gold digger" in their responses. "And a borderline gold digger at that," a user said. "To value or want jewelry over such a heartwarming gift. He needs a new girlfriend."

One person thought the OP probably hurt her partner's feelings "by being so unappreciative of a gift he spent much time on making for you." Adding, "You should be ashamed about your reaction."

However, some people didn't think the OP was in the wrong at all. A Redditor pointed out that the gift was more for him as opposed to the OP. "I feel like everyone is painting it as a materialistic thing, but it seems more like he gave her something that he'd enjoy, and she just wanted something she'd enjoy that was just for her, similar to the shoes she got for him," they added. "So yeah NTA imo."

Newsweek reached out to u/throwtri434346 for comment.