Woman Finds Out About 'Cheater' Boyfriend After Epic Olympics Photo Blunder

A woman has branded her boyfriend a "cheater" on social media after spotting several tell-tale signs in a photograph he sent to her.

In a video shared to TikTok, Megan-Marie detailed how a seemingly innocent snap of her other half "watching the Olympics with the boys" led her to discover he was, in fact, spending the evening with another woman.

The video can be viewed in full here.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on the video sharing platform, begins with Megan-Marie sharing what appears to be a previous text exchange between herself and her boyfriend.

In a series of captions posted on the screen, she first asks him what he is doing that night to which he replies "watching the Olympics with the boys see u tomorrow."

Megan-Marie appears unconvinced on the video, shaking her head as the clip cuts to the photograph he sent her of where he was watching the Games.

At first glance, the room appears normal enough. However, Megan-Marie zooms in on the image to show viewers on TikTok damning evidence of his deceit.

On closer inspection, the reflection offered up in a mirrored cabinet underneath the television reveals a glass of red wine, a hydroflask and, most tellingly, a woman's knee.

Further proof is provided among the books on view in the photo, which include a one apparently chronicling the history of the Chanel fashion brand and Taschen's New York, a guide to hotels, restaurants and shops in the city.

Megan-Marie posted the video alongside the caption "Do I have dumb written on my forehead" and the hashtags #olympic #ClearGenius #callherdaddy #cheater #toxictiktok.

The clip has been liked 262,000 times on the site garnering over 1,400 comments in the process, with most agreeing that she has caught him out.

Jadetunchy writes: "I can already hear the excuses."

Divestpillled commented: "I hate him bestie."

Deltakappa_epsilon pondered: "Why wouldn't he zoom in and send the TV alone...I have so many questions."

Maddyalta1 dreamed up an even worse scenario: "Imagine if this was a live photo."

Fakeblondekid, meanwhile, pointed out another potential piece of evidence. "The pink flowers were sign one," he writes. "What man would purchase let alone take care of a bouquet himself."

Megan-Marie agrees writing "Especially a finance bro?"

He really thought that would work too," TikTok user Leefbug lamented.

"Who gave men the audacity to be so painfully unaware of themselves."

Eager to show their support to Megan-Marie, others were even critical of the room's decor.

Laurexplor wrote" Can we talk about the empty picture frame."

But Megan-Marie refused to trash talk her potential love rival's style replying "Nah I'm sure she's a great girl! I love her decor."

There was a minority who suggested it could be a misunderstanding.

"Maybe it's his friend's wife? Gf? Maybe?" luckatrnka commented.

Few were buying the idea though.

"Come on,": SImplysiv replied.

"If the other guys gf uis there and you have a decent boyfriend there is no way he's gonna "goodnight you" like that."

Newsweek has contacted Megan-Marie for comment.

A woman in bed with a smartphone.
Stock photo of woman looking at phone screen. A man has been caught in a lie by his other half after sending her a suspicious photo. tommaso79/Getty

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