Woman Cheered for Not Driving Boyfriend With Swollen Feet Home at 2 A.M.

A woman received online support after sharing in a now-viral post that she recently refused to drive her boyfriend home in the middle of the night.

The woman, posting under the username u/Hsub0, shared her story in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum over the weekend. It has garnered over 14,000 upvotes and thousands of comments from Redditors, encouraging the woman to dump her boyfriend, which, as it turns out, she did.

In her post, the woman explained that her boyfriend would frequently wake up in the middle of the night because an unknown "allergen" in her room would cause his feet to swell.

"In order to accommodate his allergy, I have had my carpets professionally cleaned five times, purchased all new bedding, purchased air filters, purchased a new couch for my living room, and most recently had hardwood floors put in to replace the carpeted rooms," the woman wrote, adding that he lives with his ex so staying at his place "isn't an option."

Couple arguing in bed
A woman received online support for refusing to boyfriend home in the middle of the night. The woman later revealed she ended the relationship. nd3000/istock

"When his feet swell it is in the middle of the night, he wakes me up, and he will then leave. It's almost always dramatic and can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours before he decides he is going home," she continued.

Last week, he asked to spend the night but his car was having issues, so he needed to be picked up. She said she did this for him but because she had an important meeting the next day, she took Nyquil before bed to prevent being woken up. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

"That night around 2 a.m. I woke up to him making loud noises, opening and shutting my windows and doors. I ignored it, he got louder, and then told me his feet were swelling," she recalled.

"I told him I would move my nine-year-old [who was asleep on the couch] to her room and he could sleep on the couch. He said no. I told him he could sleep in my nine-year-olds room, he said no. He said he might sleep in my car. I fell back asleep, I did not offer to drive him home," she said.

The next morning, she woke up to a string of texts from her boyfriend, demanding that she take him home. When she finally met him in the garage to do as he asked, he accused her of "purposefully letting allergens" in her room and said her "behaviors" prove she doesn't care about him.

"AITA?" she asked.

Redditors said the woman did nothing wrong and slammed her boyfriend's behavior.

"NTA. He sounds like the allergen you should be free of. He knew he couldn't drive himself home. He knew his feet sometimes swell at your place. He knew you had an important meeting in the morning. He should have brought money for an Uber to go home or to a hotel if needed—or stayed home," wrote u/jwjnthrowawaykfeiofj.

"NTA. Your boyfriend has it backward; his actions prove that he does not care about you," said u/Duanathar.

Redditor u/drdre3001 added: "NTA. Dump his a**. This isn't worth it."

In the comments section of her post, the woman said all the comments she received empowered her to confront her boyfriend about their relationship over the weekend while driving together. But he didn't like this, so he threatened to "veer [her] car into the median." Later that day, she broke up with him via email.

Speaking to Insider, licensed therapist JaQuinda Jackson said threatening violence is a sign that someone is in an abusive relationship. Even if they never escalate to "violence," threats are still a form of "emotional abuse."

"Threats can increase anxiety, paranoia, one's ability to think and function properly, etc.," Jackson told Insider.

Those who are experiencing threatening behavior or other signs of abuse, such as name-calling, love bombing or isolation should contact someone who can help "create a safety plan and identify an exit strategy," Insider advised.

"If your partner threatens you, breaks things during an argument, and/or pressures you to do things you do not want to do, these are all signs of abuse and should not be taken lightly," Jackson said.

Redditors applauded u/Hsub0 for leaving her boyfriend.

"Good on you, OP. I would recommend blocking him on everything now," said u/hempfandango177.

"I'm so glad you got out! I think you dodged a major bullet, being him would have made your life hell and who knows he might have even tried to get your own child against you. I've seen others stay with people like that and it never ends well. happy for you," added u/hannita.

Newsweek reached out to u/Hsub0 for comment.

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