Woman Claims She Might Have Been 'Injection Spiked' in Video Viewed Over 3M Times

A woman on TikTok shared a video of a bruise she noticed after a night out in the United Kingdom. The video, which has been viewed more than 3 million times, was posted three days ago by @isabelladortax and showed a bruise reminiscent of someone being "injection spiked."

"I was on a night out and I got home and I had the same bruise like that," the woman said in the video "I still have it."

The video, which started with news footage of a woman who was nonconsensually injected during a night out in the U.K., showed a circular bruise with a small dot in the middle where the needle would have been injected.

"It's on my leg," Isabella said as she pointed toward a circular bruise on her calf. "It's like a pinpoint and then there's a bruise around it and it's super hard and I had no idea what it was."

She said she couldn't figure out where she got the bruise from but noticed it looked the same as the news footage she stitched in the beginning of the video.

"I just thought I'd fallen over and bruised myself," she explained. "Is this real? Is this actually happening? Is this real in England?"

In the comments, Isabella said she only had one beer while she was out but felt "super nauseous/sick" and felt like she had a really bad hangover the next day. She said this occurred in the Warwickshire area in England.

In a follow-up video posted the same day Isabella said the doctors couldn't do anything about the situation.

"Went to the doctors, they said they can't do anything and to go back in three months to test for HIV," the on-screen text read.

Several police departments from across the United Kingdom have received reports of people being injection spiked while out at nightclubs. Last week, Home Secretary of the U.K. Priti Patel urged police to update her on the increase in injection spiking incidents.

These reports led to organized boycotts at various nightclubs around the U.K. out of fear that one might be non consensually injected by a stranger and not even notice.

One woman, a 19-year-old student from Nottingham, told The Independent that she believed she was "injection spiked" after a night out with friends. She said her leg was sore and she was confused because she didn't drink much the night before.

Zara Owen, 19, said she found a "pinprick" on her leg the next day and when she pressed on it she felt a shooting pain.

TikToker Thinks She Was Possibly Injection Spiked
A woman on TikTok said she found a bruise on her leg and believes she might have been a victim of "injection spiking," a phenomenon that has seen a steady increase in the U.K. over the past few months. Several police departments have received reports of people being injection spiked while out at nightclubs recently. Tatsiana Sergeenko/Getty Images

"The main thing that is really terrifying me as well as being spiked is that it was by an injection," the student told The Independent. "Naturally, I could be a carrier of HIV or hepatitis if this needle in use was a dirty one."

Over 4,800 people commented on @isabelladortax's TikTok, with some suggesting that she visit another doctor and get an STD and STI panel.

"You might want to go and get tested at an sti clinic," one user wrote. "You don't know how clean the needle used was. I'm so sorry this happened to you."

Other users said they experienced the same type of bruising after nights out. Some of them were even from Canada and Australia.