Woman Claims She Recorded Male Co-Worker Taking Photos of Her 'Ass' at Gym

A fitness trainer who claims her co-worker secretly took pictures of her body while she worked out has shared footage of the alleged incident on TikTok.

In the clip shared by Dani Demeter, known on the app as Dani_dfitness, we can see the young woman filming an exercise video in a gym.

As she performs weighted leg raises in front of the camera, a man in the background can be seen subtly angling his phone camera towards her, before bending over and tilting his phone in her direction again. He then swiftly turns to tie his shoelaces.

Demeter turns around and tells him: "Dude, you're in my video."

Surprised, the man asks: "I am? Why are you recording?"

Demeter posted the video on December 15, in answer to a question posed by another TikToker: "In 2021, what tiktok made you go viral?"

In the on-screen text, the fitness instructor claims: "That time my male coworker took pics of my a$$ and I got him on video."

Demeter's footage, which can be watched here, also comes with a caption saying her original clip had been "taken down for bullying."

Newsweek has reached out to Demeter for comment.


Answer @fifth_wheel_living then it got taken down for bullying 🥰

♬ original sound - dani_dfitness

The video has garnered more than 1.9 million views and 312,000 likes in just two days.

The post also sparked thousands of comments, with many TikTokers sharing their outrage.

One person, Drool, wrote: "For those asking, no he did not get fired, her boss asked him to apologize and nothing else happened after. and yes, he was married."

Another TikTok user, Mother Russia, commented: "And then men tell us we are too whiny about wanting our own 'female only gym.'"

MommyFace88 posted: "Men like that are dangerous. They keep pushing the limits to see how far they can get. He's probably peaked in a few windows before."

Haydenvienne shared: "I would then tell his wife. After I would do everything in my power to get him fired."

Sophie Mccrea exclaimed: "So you're telling me I need to record myself at the gym just for safety reasons!"

Daniel Medina wrote: "Nah forget getting fired did u send it to his wife and his mom and his kids?"

Aleethefairy posted: "This is the reason why us woman need our own safe places."

Moth commented: "Just another video that makes me lose even more faith in men."

However, there were some unsavory comments too. One TikToker, Westdailyracks, wrote: "You realize if she could wear loose fitting clothes, this wouldn't have happened right? She's asking for attention."

In response to this type of statement, Demeter mused: "Why is there not a single man commenting rude/misogynistic s**t who also links their Instagram or has a real profile photo? Y'all so brave."

Woman exercising in gym
A stock image of a woman exercising at the gym. A fitness trainer's TikTok video about a colleague taking covert pictures has been watched close to 2 million times. iStock